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Is there something I can use to control the amount of lint my clothes get in the washing machine?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) March 8th, 2011

We have a relatively old washing machine (10 years) and whenever I wash clothes they come out with a lot of lint and it’s ruining my socks and other clothes. Darn those lint balls.

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Are you sure it’s not little bits of paper, like from receipts left in pockets?

I don’t notice lint from the washing machine… but instead from the lint trap in my dryer whenever a load finishes.

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Well, there are these mesh bags you can put stuff in. If the lint is coming from the washer or from friction with the agitator, I’d think they would do the trick.

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Are you mixing whites and color articles together? This is a main reason, I have discovered.

White socks and black shirts do not mix in the washing machine.

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Some people put vinegar in the wash load.
I just put it on salad;)

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There is usually an airduct which goes from your dryer to the outside. I think you need to check this for clogs.

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The agitating motion messes up the surface of the fabric, especially if it’s a cotton/poly blend.

@john65pennington is right too, about mixing colours. An extreme example would be putting towels in with black socks made of a synthetic blend. That’s just asking for trouble.

Try washing clothes on a warmer temperature, but with less agitation, like some sort of gentle cycle, and make sure you sort them well, keeping darks with darks and lights with lights.

Check your machine for some sort of lint filter as well. Some washing machines do have them. The top loaders might be in the middle column, under where you put the rinsing liquid, but consult your user’s manual.

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Sounds like there is somewhere inside the washer that needs to be cleaned out.

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The lint balls are being created by the agitation which probably is uneven due to the age of the machine You may need a new belt for the washer. If it were me, I’d buy a new washer. Until then, I’d turn all of my clothes inside out (I do this with all “nice” clothes even w/ a nice washer) and I’d live with the sock being linty.

BTW-if you’re noticing this much lint on your clothes, imagine what is going down the outlet pipe. For the sake of your plumbing, put a lint collector on the water outlet hose.

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Get a front loader if you can afford it. It is gentler on clothes, washes cleaner ( I can attest to that – I have kids), and uses less energy.

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