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What is the best way to remove grease stains, both fresh and washed-in?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) May 11th, 2008

Most stain removers do not focus on this. Nothing I have tried (all the usual) seem to work consistently. I invariably miss one and it gets washed in, which may mean ruined clothes.

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I rub Dawn dish detergent on it with some cool water and scrub lightly with a toothbrush I dedicate to this type of chore, then wash in cold water and hang dry. If the stain is gone, then I rewash the garment as usual.

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Hi Marina,
I hope this works as good for as it does for me. Just recently while cleaning the inside of my car (and wearing a white cotton top) I got a black grease from the sliding track of my seats. I put a towel on the inside beneath the grease the squirted some “Soilove” on the top. Let it soak about a minute and then used another towel with room temp water and blot the stain. Continued to add more soilove until the stain was gone. And gone it was. No stain no mark! It works for every type of stain. I pour it in my lsunsry to make it brighter! It works great. Now, I don’t know and you haven’t said what the material was or the color so be careful. I use it on my blankets towels or if something spills on my carpet, I love it! Or take it to a dry cleaners, perhaps they can remove it! Oh! You can buy soilove in grocery stores for about $1.29 or biglots for $.99. I hope this helps. Please excuse typo’s. Using iPhone
good luck!

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goop, or any waterless hand cleaner ( stuff that car mechanics use) for a real tuff oil stain, dab the goop on the stain, press in firmly with your thumb, then steam it with the steam setting on your iron, but don’t use slot of pressure or weight on the iron leave a tiny bit of space between the iron surface and the cloth and let the steam do all the work, then wash. You will be surprised, stains that have been there for months are gone.

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Thanks, everyone. These are all approaches I have not tried. I am going to get Dawn, Soilove, and Goop and give them all a try. Until bibs for adults become the fashion statement, I know I will be dealing with this problem again and again!

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so…which cleaner worked for you?

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I will report back in this arena. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten down to the laundry on the priority list yet.

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Did we ever find out if this worked? I was about to ask this question, so I searched to see if it had been asked before and found this. If it worked for you, it might work for me, too. :)

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