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Should I get an iPad or an Android tablet?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) March 8th, 2011

My wife’s birthday is coming up and I was thinking of getting her a wifi tablet. Should I get an iPad or one of the Android devices? She and I have Android phones and IBM computers so we’re not on the Apple path otherwise.

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iPad 2 (Y) please! dont let her down by giving a galaxy tab or smthg :(

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Motorola Xoom.

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All the current Android tablets suck. And I freaking hate Apple, but it’s really the best choice for a tablet.

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Is this somethingshe asked for/wants or is this something you want? Only asking because my “geek” husband loves to buy me gadgets/gizmos that i certainly do not want/need

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My dad recently bought his wife an iPad and she can’t get enough of it, go with the iPad.

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Apple are evil – they don’t even give you a freaking USB port!

LG Optimus Pad FTW.

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My wife is gunning for the MacBook Air – it’s only a bit heavier, but has a way to hold the screen at the right angle, has a real keyboard, has USB ports.

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Do you really need a tablet or is it mostly for play?

Because I haven’t met a single person who really needs a tablet or uses their iPad for schoolwork or work.

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iPad, absolutely. The Androids suck, all of ‘em.

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@dverhey I actually only use my iPad for reading. I don’t need it, but everything else it does I can do easier/better on my smartphone or laptop.

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iPad, because it has more features, less battery charging, computer-lke, touch screen, I think you can talk on it(I am not certain), Android is just some crappy phone that is not like iPad.

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@BLITsZ Android is an operating system, not a phone (although there are Android phones, and most are touchscreen now). You can put Android on phones, tablets, etc. You cannot talk on the iPad.

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First off, can all of you people who recommend the iPad give some legitimate reasons as to why as opposed to fanboi Android-bashing or total misinformation? Thank you!

Okay, now that I have that off my chest, I must say that Apple makes some pretty decent hardware and they make it pretty idiot-proof as well. However, that “idiot-proofing” is also their downfall. You are tied into Apple for life, and you may as well get a Mac to go with it since the Windows version of iTunes is a kludge and don’t even try hooking up to a Linux box unless you like pain.

Android has more free apps available, more freedom, more customization, and basically has all of the things Apple lacks, but it is a little more complicated for the non-tech-savvy people (translation = “most Americans”) to figure out. However, if you already have Android smartphones, you know all this.

You will want something that has access to an established, trustworthy market instead of its own weird thing, and at the moment that really does limit your options; the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom are the only two Android tablets currently sold that meet that criteria while iPads have their own App Store.

There are some great Android tablets coming soon, and one (the Notion Ink Adam”: that is off to a rocky start but shows promise as it evolves, but when the dust settles, I have to hold my nose and agree with @MyNewtBoobs on this one; the iPad is the overall best tablet out there right now. There are others that beat it here or there, but as an entire package, the iPad wins.

Or, if you are into a little hacking, you could root a “Nook Color”: and get yourself a not-bad 7” Android tablet :D (Yes, it can boot Froyo from an SD card!)

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