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What will Apple's next breakthrough product be?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) October 6th, 2011

Apple has created some of the most amazing and influencial products of our time: The Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc…

What do you think will be their next, new device or software? How will it affect how we consume media? Or do you think Apple is doomed now that Steve is gone?

You may make a serious or funny prediction.

R.I.P. Steve.

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An app called: how to say I don’t care without looking like a jerk.

*I’m not techy.

*But I do care that he passed away… Just not about another gadget

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They are far from doomed. Especially in the next decade. Their product line is almost certainly several years planned.

I am betting that one of the next things you will see from Apple is total integration with the living room through an Apple HDTV with internet streaming from your desktop. (without the apple TV set top box) From there, you will see much more innovation with the iPhone and OSX and iOS.

Steve is now gone but his legacy will live with Apple for years to come.

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@GabrielsLamb I think you mean iDontCare? That will be the new name of Apple’s Media Relations Department.

Also, inb4 iDied

RIP Mr. Jobs, and well done sir.

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It takes Apple a long time go from idea to product. There are probably five years worth of ideas that are waiting to be made in the skunkworks.

@koanhead :: Thanks for confirming what I always thought.

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Has anyone seen this? Don’t know how much this means, being that it’s just a concept, but my astronomy professor showed our class a video about it last night and it seems very interesting, though it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie in my opinion.

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I think the focus will be on iPad like technology. Steve Jobs managed to get rid of the mouse, and most of the buttons on a computer. This new interface (touchscreen) will continue to be polished until you can use it as efficiently (or more) as a conventional computer or laptop.

It’s incredible that he lead the way on making so many things obsolete: the floppy disk, certain cables, the disc drive (not quite yet, but not far off) and now the keyboard and mouse.

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The star that burns brightest burns briefest.

I somehow sense that Apple will now be more evolutionary than revolutionary, but in doing so, they will have moments of serendipity.

I predict plain-English voice technology becoming commercially viable due to Apple.

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Siri + iPad = Knowledge Navigator?

(That video dates from 1987, when Jobs was at NeXT.)

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop That’s a pretty neat video- but what is Siri?

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@koanhead here’s a Siri demo. At the moment, it’s only available on the new iPhone 4S.

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Wow. That is really cool. @jerv looks like you were spot-on!

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I’m surprised Apple hasn’t released a video game console. I think they’re too afraid of the competition from Nintendo.

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Actually they did. It bombed so badly, you’ve not even heard of it. ;)

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Well, in the Steve Jobs authorized bio, he claims that they “cracked the TV problem” in one of the last interviews. Everyone thinks they are coming out with a TV (a whole TV, not a set-top box) utilizing something like Siri for voice control.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop I think that the first paragraph of the “History” section sums it up nicely though. Note that Apple has never really been gamer-friendly the way PCs and consoles are though. They want to be a general-use computer, they used to be all about the graphics (an edge they used to have over PCs, but lost years ago once DOS died it’s final death.), but they never seemed to want anything to do with actually being fun. If they did, then why did the iMac use laptop-grade GPUs in a computer that cost twice as much as my rig which has 3–5 times the graphics prowess? That right there tells me that Apple doesn’t care about graphics, a critical component of gaming and the core of their market back in the day. That lack of interest in what it takes to making a gaming rig tells me that an Apple console will never happen.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop Nope, never heard of it.

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The New iPad

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Their screen technology is pretty state-of-the-art for consumer goods. The “retina display” on the newest iPad is cherry, and whatever TV they introduce in the next year or so will probably be stunning in contrast and color accuracy along with having some cool features like being able to talk to it to control it – ala Siri.

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