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Is there a huge difference in your mind between showering at night and showering first thing in the morning?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) March 9th, 2011

Inspired by this.

I used to get up and shower every single morning before work. But as I got older, it became more and more difficult to wake up in the morning. I also realized how much I enjoyed coming home after work and washing the day off me, so to speak. So I switched to showering somewhere between dinner and bed, allowing me to go to bed clean and comfy, and then to sleep a little bit longer in the morning.

Is there a huge difference to you? Assuming you don’t wake up in a pool of sweat or anything, obviously.

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As a guy, showering makes shaving a helluva lot less painful, so morning showers it is. Besides, they help me wake up.

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If I didn’t have very dry skin and was more of a morning person, I would definitely shower in the morning. Showering at night is just better for me.

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ditto I’m not a morning person, so I’d rather sleep. Though I have nothing against a morning shower if I had the time, for me it would act as a ‘buffer’ between waking up and actually starting the day’s tasks. also ditto on the shaving, but I shave at night usually.

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I don’t feel awake until I take a shower in the morning. Plus, I get some serious bed head.

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My downstairs neighbors seem to think that 79F is a bit chilly so they crank the heat up. My AC can’t compete with the enormous amount of heat they crank out (yes, I’ve been running my AC this winter) and, as such, there are morning when I wake up soaked in sweat. I reserve my shower strictly for mornings.

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Like @jonsblond my morning bedhead is outta control. Plus, if I was busy getting amorous the night before, I need a shower in the morning.

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My jobs so far tend to leave me dirtier than I want my sheets, so I shower before bed.

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For me, NOTHING is better than a shave followed by a super-hot shower in the morning. Not even sex.

__Sad, isn’t it?__

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I like waking up to a shower, Like @Jude, it tames my hair a little better, too.

I have had to take showers at the end of the day as well if I had a “gross day,” too.

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There’s no huge difference in my __mind__, but rather a huge difference in my hair. I agree that I prefer showering at night, but my hair is crazy if I wash it then sleep on it, even if it’s dry.

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I have always been a night showerer, because I too, like to shower the day off. But lately I have been showering both morning and night… my hair is too messed up in the AM and needs to be rewet and dried.

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I prefer to shower in the morning; I sweat in my sleep.

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I’ve always been a morning showerer. I don’t like sleeping with wet hair nor having to wet it down again in the morning.

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I like showering in the morning so I don’t waste my best hair day.

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My hair takes forever to dry so I don’t shower every morning. Most nights I take a bath before bed and some mornings, I shower. Plus I do like to sleep in the morning. So far, nobody’s told me I stink.

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I like to do it in the morning because it helps me wake up. I like that fresh feeling after a shower. If I showered the night before, it would be all gone.

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Depends what type of day I’ve had,,, if the day before was tiring I’ll always have a shower in the morning… if I’ve had a gym/P.E day then I would shower at night…

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Uh oh… I shower before bed, and in the morning. I don’t leave the water running the whole time but I do brush my teeth, shave (and pee) in there. When I come to bed, all the bits are clean.

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Morning. Includes shave in the shower.

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Sometimes I take a shower in the evening, especially because i do home visits several days a week and I just feel skanky after visiting people (even though many houses I visit are absolutely incredibly luxurious). I like going to bed feeling clean.

Also, in the morning I must take a shower for 3 reasons. My hair is totally cow-licked, all directions when I wake up. I use shower to wake up. 3rd reason is shower is part of my routine, which includes drinking a cup of tea and then doing a poo. So the shower makes me feel clean after the poo.

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Yes. My mind needs a morning shower to wake up. I like night time showers as well and often shower both at night and in the morning.

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I’m like you poof, a hot shower helps get me ready for bed.
Sometimes I take one in the morning too. It depends on what activities I engaged in earlier that morning or the night before.

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When I had to get up early for school, I always thought it made zero sense to lose an hour of sleep in order to shower in the morning. But that is because I’m a woman and I have long hair and so leaving it wet all day just doesn’t fly. And blow drying it RIGHT after a shower is also not a ton of fun. So if you’re already gonna be awake til a certain hour of the night, you might as well take 10 minutes and shower then….and when you wake up your hair is dry. And for me, anyhow, generally looks better…all wavy and nice.

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The biggest difference to me is what happens between the night wash and morning rising. I like to bathe at night and again in the morning because most of the time my armpits are stinky again in the morning or I’ve had nekid sweaty fun with my sweetie that has it’s own scent I selfishly don’t want to share with co workers ;)

What @deni wrote about leaving your hair wet at night works well for me too, I can braid it or tie in a ponytail with rubberbands crimping the length of it which means in the morning there are soft shiny waves instead of frizzies.

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I like to come home, have dinner, and shower before bed. It warms me up.
If I am blurry eyed, I will shower in the morning to clear my head, but usually that is only when it is allergy season.
With retirement looming, I have found (on days off) that I like to wake up, do my morning chores, and have a midday shower. I have never done this before in my life, and it is wonderful!

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When my hair was short and I used a lot (and I mean a lot) of product in it, I’d often shower at night without wetting my hair, and just wash my hair in the morning. It was so short that it dried quickly, so I still had some extra time in the morning. Even now I’ll sometimes just wet my hair in the morning if I’ve showered the night before, so I can dry it or style it nicely.

Now that I think about it, I’m about 50–50 with my morning and evening showers. Huh.

I can’t go to bed with wet hair. I hate the feeling of a wet pillow :S

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Showering in the morning, particularly if you take hot showers, removes some of the protective oils from your skin. The sun is harsher if you do this.

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I tend to shower at night. I think because our mornings tend to be a bit crazy and I am just doing what I can to get kids to the bus stop, dogs out and in and keeping things quiet so hubby can sleep. After they leave, I lay back down for about an hour, then get up and start on my work. I take time off in the afternoon and then start again in the evening, after my son goes to bed. Daughter is old enough to not need me to get her through her schedule. She only needs me for pre-calculus, according to her. After all the craziness for the day ends, I want to shower and relax.

Though I have been known to shower in the evening and then in the morning to wake myself up.

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well if you don’t shower at night, all the crap on your body gets into the bed. although nothing can wake you up better than a nice shower.

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I shower twice a day. In the morning I have to shower to wake up. In the evening, it’s to wash away the grime of the day. Ok, I brush my teeth several times a day too.

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I am at least a 2x a day kind of person and if I run at noon or cut the grass or something else that is hot and sweaty, I may have 3 a day. I hate being sticky. Teeth get done once in the morning and right before bed too. Sometimes after lunch, depends on what I have to eat and where I am.

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I need a shower to wake me up, I find it very refreshing. If I didn’t shower first thing I’d be stumbling round like a zombie all morning. In the evening I prefer to have a bath. Baths put me to sleep.

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Well I live in a hot climate so I am quite likely to shower at night AND in the morning. I always shower in the morning though. One, I prefer to dry my hair in the morning so it isn’t totally flat (I only wash my hair every other day now though). Also, perhaps nsfw, if we have sex at night or/and in the morning, I want to be fresh for the day!

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I tend to have a shower in the morning to help me feel fresh and ready for the day and then I will have a bath in the evening to help me soak any aches and pains away and wind down ready for bed.

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I expected more people to find it scuzzy to not take a shower in the morning. Interesting.

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@chyna. Me too. Now I’m getting all excited. Better take a cold shower.

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@worriedguy I knew I liked you for some reason. Now I know. It’s your showering habits.

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Oh – get a shower you two!

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What is this thing called “showering”?

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As it is second only to Godliness, I prefer my showers in the morning and at night, thank you. In the summer, especially, I often make it so.


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I shower in the morning. It makes me feel fresh and ready for the day. I do sometimes shower at night if I know I have to go somewhere early and won’t have as much time in the morning theres no way I’m wakin up any earlier but I still don’t feel as good as I would if I did. I sometimes shower at the gym when I go in the (sometimes very late) afternoon.
according to fluther, I smell really good, so that’s a plus :)

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When I worked in an office, I would generally shower in the morning, so I would be “fresh and clean” when I arrived at work. When I was working construction, shower in the morning was not as important, but a shower after work was absolutely necessary. Depending on what I did that day and how hot it was, I would either shower as soon as I got home, or if I wasn’t too grungy, I would wait until bed time.

Now that I’m retired, I usually find that a mid-day shower, after morning chores, is most satisfying.

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