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Tips for gaining more self-confidence?

Asked by silenceiswar (125points) March 9th, 2011

Any music, quotes, prayers? ANYTHING. I’ve not been to a public school since 3rd grade, and I want to go this upcoming year. I also have a panic disorder BUT I take medication for that….heh. Thank you! :]

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Make a list of all the things you are good at and all the traits that make you you. Read it when ever you are feeling down on yourself.

Make a separate list of all the negative things you think about yourself. Burn this list.

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LINKIN PARK: breaking the habit.
or.. let the sun shine by labrinth. ( yes it’s spelt labrinth) : )

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Join an organization like Toastmasters and follow their suggestions. Attend meetings regularly for practice. My husband credits Toastmasters with his success over other talented programmers.

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It used to be called “Charm School” but they more and more go under the guise of modeling classes and cover everything from hygeine and table manners to walking, sitting, mingling in crowds/parties and addressing realistic body image, wardrobe planning basics. I think they’re great as several of my school mates attended with me and my ex husband and I sent our niece who loved the experience. There are similar classes for males.

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For me self-cofident just appeared one day. I think what started the confidence was trying to get to know people. I made friends quickly by listening to what they said. (Just ask questions and they won’t stop talking usually). I think having friends is a good solid base to self-confidence.

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To be more self-confident, you need better self-esteem. Therapy can help you with that.

Lacking that read the book Self Parenting. It will help you identify and eliminate your negative self-talk.

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Just quit being such a wimp!

I’m just kidding. Good luck to you. I think you’ll find that the first day gives a real opportunity to make friends. And you’ll find that people are more accepting of your peculiar needs than you could imagine. “We are all messy beds sometimes out of order.”

Here’s a fascinating video about a lot of things. But the speaker (an author) tells how he got rid of his panic attacks. MARK SALZMAN: An Atheist in Free Fall. It’s from the New York Public Library Series.

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