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Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking, "I remember when...?"?

Asked by optimisticpessimist (3909points) March 9th, 2011

I did not think I was that old, but I have found myself more and more recently thinking I remember when.

Today when I was getting gas, “I remember when gas was $1 a gallon.”
When sending a letter, “I remember when stamps were 12 cents.”
When buying groceries, “I remember when bread cost 50 cents and milk $1 a gallon.”

Those are all money related things, but I also remember when kids used to spend their summer outside playing in the yard, my neighbors would tell my parents when I did something I should not (instead of calling the police), and when we slept on a futon in the living room which became our couch during the day because we could not afford furniture.

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Yes. I remember when teenagers didn’t have cellphones unless they had an actual reason for needing to contact people all the time (usually, it was that one emancipated kid in school).

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I remember when cell phones were huge walkie talkies with long antenae and only for hot shots.

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I just sent someone an e-mail saying that.;)

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I was just thinking that about the price-of-gasoline question: I remember when it was about 30 cents/gallon or 7.5 cents/liter.

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I remember when the guy who sold me my van, in a fit of honesty, said that it probably won’t last a year. This was near the end of 1986, and she is still rolling today. OK, I don’t thnk there’s and original part on her, some of them being replaced multiple times, but I still think back “Man, that was the best $400 I ever spent.”

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Oh yes, I’m plenty old to remember a time that many of you would not even recognize as being America. We’ve lost a lot of good things, but we’re better now in some ways too. I have to say I’m glad I grew up when I did.

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I remember when schools used to have tether ball courts and walls to play hand ball and basketball hoops and two baseball fields…...and the all famous red ball… all my old schools have nothing but four basket ball hoops….....and more classes where the tether ball and hand ball walls used to be U_U LAME…
I also remember when hot cheeto’s where 1$ a bag and when you had the 2$ bag of hot cheeto’s you were the coolest person alive at school.
I remember when rollerblading and riding bikes were fun.
I remember when kids would play tag outside or hide and go seek till it got too dark and cold.
I remember when cable was affordable and we only had like 50 channels, but even then we still wanted to go outside to play.
I remember when scooters were cool.
I remember Pogs and Yu-gi-oh cards.
I remember life without a cell phone at age 11+ and lived.
I remember walkie talkies.
And…Jump ropes.
Bring it all back >_< addition I remember Power Wheels, Red Wagons, and frizzy hair…Good times.

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Sure, I did it today. Some young person was talking to me about the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and I laughed. I said, “I remember when Charles and Diana got married. THAT was a royal wedding!”

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Yes! My daughter was complaining about gas prices. Almost immediately, my husband and I were both saying, “I remember when gas was under one dollar a gallon!”

Oh yeah. I’ve hit that mark!

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I remember when kids used to have respect….in online gaming. Yessir, we’d call the new people “n00bs” and mock them for not being “1337” and using AWSMs (which is still fucking lame). Nowadays kids call each other “dickfarts” and homophobic slurs against each other. What happened to integrity, honor and respect?

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I remember when milk came in glass bottles and cost 4ยข.
I remember when you could order dim sims with fish and chips.
I remember when fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper.
I remember when you could collect Charlie Brown characters on the underside of Coke bottle tops.
I remember when wearing a car seat belt was optional.
I remember when kids collected postage stamps.
I remember when kids played in tree houses and caught eels in the creek.
I remember Gigantor
I remember when ” bum” was a really naughty word.
I remember…...I could go on and on ad infinitum.

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I remember when…
Penny Candy lived up to their name.
Pop Tarts and Tang were considered a nutritious breakfast.
The metric system was taught in US public schools to prepare us for the conversion that never happened.

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I remember when the iPad23 came out. Oh wait- sorry, that’s next year.

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I remember when Motel 6 really was only $6

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I remember when my sister and I would share the back seat of the car during long road trips. We laid pillows down behind the front seats so I could lay down to nap (there were no seatbelt laws), my sister got the entire back seat to stretch out. sucks being the youngest sometimes

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I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the 70s and 80s.
I remember staying out all day rain or shine.
I remember when dogs used to run around the neighbourhood nary an owner in sight.
I remember waking up at 5am Monday through Saturday to deliver newspapers and then having to “collect” payment from all our customers once a month.
I remember being terrified of going to the washroom at school in grades one and two.
I remember having to get up to turn the channel on the tv and only having 4 channels to chose from. It was a BFD when we got a converter.
I remember the old Betamax vs. VHS wars.
I remember big 80s hair and shoulder pads.
I remember my old Atari with fondness.
I remember toe socks.
I remember having contests with other kids to see who could skip the longest.
I remember debating passionately that interest rates would not drop below 7%.
I remember the days when the universe was supposedly shrinking.
I remember when Pluto was our smallest planet.

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I do it all the time. My friends nod their heads agreeing and add something related. We also keep telling each other that getting old is not as bad as it could have been. Then we start remembering when we didn’t have the aches and pains and forgetful memories we do now. The earliest memories are the last to go, I hear. We’ll get to the 3 year old memories soon. Maybe not too soon.

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What’s really bad is when the young ones around you can hardly believe their ears. I remember when television was a story in science fiction magazines, and my family was one of the first in our neighborhood to get one.

All the Aunts, Uncles and cousins came over to our house to watch it, because none of them had one.

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I remember riding in the back of the pickup truck.
I remember when no one worried about the rights of kids being violated when they were told what to wear to school.
I remember ice cream cones for 5 cents.

Yep, it is inevitable. I keep telling myself I am getting just like my mom and dad!

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Just a second ago I was answering a question here about the price of fuel and I thought to myself “I remember when I first started driving how much cheaper fuel was”.

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I kind of remember when I could remember things. I remember when gas prices “would never reach $1.00 per gallon.” I remember when TV was black and white. I remember you.

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I remember when a Baby Ruth candy bar was just a nickel and much larger than todays.

I remember when my wife told me she was pregnant with out first child. Neither of us could stop smiling.

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I remember driving down the interstate and receiving a phone call, from the hospital, that my dad had passed away. I almost wrecked.

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I remember when the clerk in a 7–11 store actually came out to your car to take your order…when 2 service station attendants checked your oil, water, tire pressure AND clean your windshield while they pumped your gas… when phones had dials… when a pack of cigs cost 25 cents… when gas was as low as 17 cents a gallon… when all TV was black and white and there were only two networks… when Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill (and my dad) were alive… and when I had my very first orgasim (and trust me, I was alone at the time).

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@Austinlad – how old are you? I am 66 and the cheapest I can remember gas is 25 cents per gallon. I remember cigs at 25 cents a pack.

Love your avatar, which reminds me, I remember Roy as a handsome young cowboy too

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I forgot this one.

I remember the principal calling me to the office over the pa system in school.

The first time, both of appeared and the principal was in shock.

This other guy and myself, have the same identical names, even the middle initial.

Did some school authority figure not know this?

From that day forward, I was JP No. 1 and he was JP No. 2.

JP No. 2 was called to the principals office more than JP No. 1.

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@john65pennington Yikes! I would have been mortified…even if it wasn’t me. Just to be called the principal’s office!

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My personal favourite is “I remember back in the day, when Pluto was a planet….”

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