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Have you ever been in a "can't live with 'em; can't live without 'em" situation?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) March 9th, 2011

What was the situation? Did you end up with or without? How did that come about?

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You mean my siblings? Happens all the time… :)

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My parents fit this to a tee.

When I was young, it was obvious I needed to live with at least one of them.

In their divorce, though it went unsaid between my sis and I for decades, she got my dad and I got my mom. Both of us felt responsible for our parents well being, so both of us continued to live with “our” parent through our adulthood.

My dad has since passed, so my sis has “her time” now. I still have my mom in my home.

Our parents are impossible, independent to a fault, irresponsible and immature. Luckily they have/had some redeeming qualities and luckily they taught us unconditional love.

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family….now I only live with one.

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Long distance relationship. We fought when we were together, mostly because I had problems transitioning back and forth between being with and being without him. When we were apart, we fought because we missed each other.

Unfortunately, it ended with us being without. It’s still hard to deal with. For the past two years, even when we were without, I was always drawn back. Not this time it seems.

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My oldest sister. She is paranoid, passionate and a royal pain the butt. But I love her.

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My first romantic relationship was like that. We were completely attached to each other, needed each other, in fact… but we weren’t at all right for each other. It made for a tough, dramatic, intense, and very interesting few years.

We became involved when I was a sophomore in HS, and broke up after I went to college. We were friends afterwards, but awkwardly so. Then we drifted apart. I think we’d still be friends if circumstances were right. Like if we lived in the same area.

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A friend of mine has been married for years, and at some point, she and her husband discovered that their relationship was stronger if they didn’t live together. They both have houses in town and share in the raising of their children equally. Their youngest was born two years ago.

Another friend’s parents divorced decades ago, and the father remarried. It ended in divorce, and he now spends holidays and family events compatibly with wife #1 and the three children and their families.

Rod Stewart and his bevvy of ex-wives and the current one has to be the best example. There was a documentary on Rod’s life, and it showed a holiday gathering that included all of the wives and children happily getting along.

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Yes, and when it happens I always compromise by living by myself.. Hey! life is to short to cope with BS like that. To carry on with an explosive relationship only ends up irritating your lady even more and gives your ulcers, ulcers.

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