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What weird (clean) fun ideas occur to you?

Asked by snowberry (24288points) March 9th, 2011

When I’m in the grocery store, I sometimes “scold” the shop keeper for keeping cat food in the same aisle with the bird food. I tell them it’s abusive, and it’ll scare the birdies!

Hey, I have LDL (Low Delight Level)!

Do you do stuff like this? If so what sort of homemade fun do you make for yourself?

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Providing ‘Unexpected Delights’ always make my day. It might be holding a door open for someone, sending a card to someone to thank them for some small gesture they made, bringing a co-worker a cup of coffee just how they like it. The philosophy of “Paying it Forward” makes me tingle. I once read where someone paid the toll for the car behind them…they had no idea who was in the vehicle. What a cool thing to do.

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I like the idea of trying to.pass on kind deeds. But if I was being mischievous which is what I think you are getting at I would love to have free reign in a shopping centre like in the film mannequin I could get up to all sorts then that would be a true highlight. Perhaps I should hide in the changing rooms!

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My kids have carried on antimated conversations with statues before. Fun to do in a festival.

Also, during the Sundance Film Festival the high school kids plan all year and imitate a movie star, complete with sunglasses, long black fur coats, and groupies. The goal is to try to get people to ask for their autographs. They’ve been fairly successful, and the stories are hysterical.

In a small town like Park City, we sort of looked on it as the movie star version of cow-tipping.

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And I absolutely agree with passing on kind deeds, etc.

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We only have one toll here in Northern Utah because the owner built the road and wanted it paid for by the public. I went through there a week ago and I paid for the next 5 behind me.

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When leaving a restaurant that is so busy, there’s a line of folks outside, I tell them all as I’m leaving: “You can all go home now, I ate EVERYTHING!”

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ROFL! @Stratman That’s huysterical! I’m putting that in my repertoire right now!

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ooo I know what I’ve done in the past (single life) me and my friends have chosen someone in a bar and pretented we know them, hung around to catch a name then walked over to them and said hi…. how are you, blank look, I can’t believe you don’t remember me… go on with some big story about how we had a fabulous time together maybe mention a few names, but don’t be specific about times dates places etc.. just about how much of a fab time you had together and keep repeating you can’t believe they don’t remember you… its lots of fun :) they get so confused :)

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You know that big cage of plastic balls for kids in the grocery store?

I take one and hand it to a little tike and say, “tell your Mommy that they are free today!”

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@blueiiznh LOL, Many years ago my friends took aside their little sister who was learning to talk, and taught her a few new words. That night a special guest came to supper, and the next thing you know, the kid shrieked “EAT MUCK!”

It mortified the mom and dad, but it became a family joke forevermore.

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Heh! I’m the queen in inanity. Easily amused by simple things and humor.
I sing to my pets, LOVE bubbles, I like to blow bubbles off my deck and watch the sheep stare at them as they float by. LOL

I also have great fun squirting them with the turbo squirt guns from my hot tub and throwing fruit at them.

” LOOK, Strawberries from heaven!” haha

My latest jag is collecting pictures of cool modern bath tubs, and, lets not forget my mood lighting fetish. I can happily amuse myself for hours changing light bulbs.

My daughter always razzes me about my silly quirks, she left me with this humorous poke a few nights ago while I was getting excited about some green party bulbs that accent the green and yellow psychedelia of my retro bedroom.

” Bye Mom, have a rousing night of changing light bulbs!” hahaha

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@Coloma that’s simply awesome! I could get into mood lighting fetishes too. It shows potential to be a new and innovative way to bother delight my family.

My father used to sign his letters this way:

Bye now. “I have to go soak my corns. Hope you’re the same!”

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This happened today: my younger sister hid behind the sofa and scared the behujeis out my dad. Dad says” oh, you shocked me!” I say, ” How many volts?” lol. : )
This happened a few days ago : I walked up to my mum and told her I wanted to ask her something..(she was cooking)... mum said “shoot”... I said “Shoot who?” with a horrified expression on my face

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I get the urge to put weird stuff in peoples’ carts at Wal-Mart when they aren’t looking. Like a razor strap, a drill, and some Cheez Whiz.

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My father had a very weird, dry sense of humor. He would have appreciated this. A few months after he died (he had been hit by a truck), a letter came in the mail addressed to him, so I opened it. It was from the police department.

They said that the criminal investigation was finished, and that he was free to pick up the possessions that they had confiscated as evidence. The letter said he was to come in person and bring some photo ID.

I thought this was sort of funny, because not only did the police forget he was dead, they also had the only “picture ID” that he possessed. A few days later I purchased a new gift bag (suitable for a man), and I put his box of ashes in it. It was sort of like putting on a new shirt, you know?

Then I grabbed a friend and together she, Dad (in his new gift bag), and I went on down to the police station. When I got there, I showed the lady at the window the letter they had sent. Then I brought out his death certificate. I said, “I know you want a picture ID,” and I pointed to the embossed eagle on the death certificate. “Here’s the picture, and the ID is on the rest of the paper. Would you like to meet my father?” Then I lifted up the gift bag with his ashes inside it.

My friend was laughing so hard she was almost on the floor, and I managed to keep a straight face the whole time. Good times!

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Haha, great story, and great sense of humor!
I had an elderly uncle pass away a few years ago and the hospital called me asking if I wanted his dentures sent to the funeral home with him, or, would I prefer to pick them up at the hospital. I told them I preferred they be put back in their final resting place, inside his mouth. lol

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