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Enjoyable shows on ShowTime?

Asked by saintDrew (557points) March 10th, 2011

Well, Spring break is coming along.
Since I wont be going anywhere exciting
i’d just like to go home, relax, unwind and go
through 5 seasons (more or less) of whatever show you guys
recommend for the week i have off.

I am already watching Californication and shameless US :D
(Great shows by the way)
If the show is not on showtime but is still on a ‘Showtime level’ thats ok haha
Soo any recommendations?

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I’m jealous <green w/envy>. My husband & I loved Nurse Jackie but decided we could wait to rent each season on Netflix instead of paying for the monthly Showtime fee.

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just went to the site. it looks pretty good ill try it out. thanks!

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@saintDrew We found it addictive. I must add, my husband doesn’t usually like this type of a show. He looked forward to each new episode.

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I really love Dexter! IMO it is one of the best shows on television, and you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix instant queue. (If you don’t have Netflix, just sign up for their free trial over spring break). Also, Mad Men is another really great tv drama. It’s another one of my favorites and it has three seasons on DVD.

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@jgrissett i agree with you i have seen every Season of Dexter. it is a really great show.. and ill look into mad men..

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@saintDrew You reall should! It’s one of the best put-together show’s I have ever watched! If you like good TV, you really need to watch it! Donald Draper is the man!

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Weeds hasn’t come up yet?? Best show ever. And it happens to be on Showtime. Do ittt.

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