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What should I with my day off tomorrow?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) April 17th, 2008

I live in San Diego.

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Swap with me!

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get laid, make an amazing meal just for you

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If you want some amazing Russian food, you should go eat here.
Then you should go hang out in the botanical garden at Balboa park.
There is of course, TJ.

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do something nice for a total stranger. Come to think of it you could knock out mycountry’s first suggestion and mine all at the same time.

You could research a good prank to pull on one of your good friends.

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Have a Random Acts of Kindness day!
Buy a few bunches of flowers and (with a friend, to up the entertainment value) go to a grocery store or other large parking lot and discreetly put a flower on a few cars. The idea is to spread out the flowers so people don’t see them on any other cars. You can also stagger “delivering” them to the cars one at a time. Then, sit in your car (pretending to pay no attention to the people coming out to their cars) and watch what people do! This is highly rewarding and entertaining, though it could be an exercise in creepiness… because people are very suspicious. You could also include a note to the effect of “have a happy day” to lessen the freaky factor. Have fun…. : )

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From your profile it looks like you’re into photography. How about going for a hike and shooting all the new signs of spring?

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Just kick back and relax. That’s what days off are for in the first place.

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go to the San Fransisco zoo and take lots of pictures and post them in a private comment to me when you get home, oh and you can do other things if you’d like!

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everyday is a good day for shopping. Especially at Horton Plaza!!
If you’re in North County coastal there’s always moonlight beach & swami’s. If you’ve never surfed take a lesson!
Also in Encinitas you can go to the meditation gardens and watch the koi.
OR, you can go watch the seals in La Jolla.
It’s gonna be a beautiful day here today.

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Perhaps take a course in Self-Discovery and Decision-Making?

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Go surfing.

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Go to the beach! And take me with you!!!

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Babo, you look like a floatee. Am I right?

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Babo float!

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Babo = beach bud.

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smoke mad trees, jk, unless you actually thought about it

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Take the behind the scenes tour at the zoo.

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@peedub Thanks for idea. I went to Balboa Park. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance too see the Botanical House.

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Balboa Park is cool in general. There is a lot to see.

Seriously, the food at that restaurant is out of this world. The owner is pretty nuts (in a good way) too.

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