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Has anyone heard from or seen "iSteve"?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Seems to be “M.I.A.” Miss his oneliners!

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no, I checked his profile and his last log in was 4/15.

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I have emailed him to see if he’s ok.

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No, sorry!

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Thanx @Riser and @mcbealer! I’ve not seen height (sp) nor hair (sp) of him. Nor have I had any good laughs!

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any feedback on him yet!? I worried about him ever since he posted the “anyone ever just want to give up” question!! :( because I havent heard from him since!

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Hopefully he’ll respond to the email Riser sent.

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I too, left him a message. Now if he’ll just respond. I hope everyone understand that i didn’t mean to cause anyone any unnecessary worry!

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His profile shows he signed onto fluther on 4/20 so I guess all is well… welcome back iSteve

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Thanx @mcbealer for the update!

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