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How can I quickly and easily shut down all non-essential applications and processes in Windows 7 64bit?

Asked by RareDenver (13173points) March 12th, 2011

I want to be able to easily shut everything down that is not needed when running Traktor Pro

I’ve looked at Gamebooster but I’m not all that techy so not sure if it’s right, I also found this script but it kinda scares me.

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in before delete system 32

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First you have to know which apps and services are essential, because if you stop the wrong ones, you could very well crash your system.
Then you would indeed need a program or write a script to disable these.
You should try the script you found yourself, since I do not know which services are essential and which are not, but if something goes wrong, a simple reboot should suffice to remedy the situation.
You should know though that the script you linked to does disable the windows firewall and antivirus, so if you are not comfortable with that, you should remove those lines.

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Also, delete system 32.

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@ragingloli if I did use that script the only time I would use it would be in a performance setting where my laptop would have no internet connection. Do I still need to be concerned about the windows firewall and antivirus?

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In that case, not.

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Why do you need to do such a thing?

Before I tell you what I believe the appropriate thing to so it, I need to know your hardware.

I suspect I’ll probably suggest that upgrading your RAM or dropping Win7 in favour of WinXP is a good idea, but I want to know what we’re working with first.

Laptop: Make and mdoel please!

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@the100thmonkey I’m using Toshiba Satellite L670–1DR 17.3 inch Notebook

Very occasionally Traktor freezes, the audio is never affected just the visual waveform, it’s not really a massive issue but if I can eliminate I would like to.

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You can write an easy script of .bat file to do a net stop on the processes you want to stop.
Create a shortcut to the .bat file on your desktop and run it when you want.
You could also add it to the run string of a program so that it runs first, then launches your desired program.
Let me know if you need more help. Pretty easy and simple.

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I don’t really see how shutting down non-essential processes in Windows is going to help. My first thought was that the laptop was under-spec for Win7, (it happened a lot with Vista), but I can’t see any particular hardware issues.

Have you run the program and mixed on the PC with the task manager open? If you are running out of RAM or if Traktor is causing your CPU to max out, then you would be able to identify when it happens (a spare monitor is helpful to keep the TM out the way) and there would be a purpose to killing the background tasks. Audio software just ain’t that demanding, and I suspect another issue, perhaps with the program itself.

Did you notice any particular point when the issue started, or has it always done it?

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@the100thmonkey I used to use Traktor LE on my other machine running Windows XP and never a problem, I bought Traktor Pro earlier this year when I bought the new laptop and it’s only Pro that is freezing. I have noticed though that even when my laptop is dong nothing the CPU and RAM often sit at about 30% and 50% usage respectively. I think Toshiba have loaded this thing with loads of shite that I need to get rid of.

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@the100thmonkey the question is not if they need to beef it up with more resourses. Simple question on stopping processes. Perfmon would be the better tool to review what is going on when running the program you are talking about.
Toshiba is notorious for running many programs that you really don’t need in normal operation.
open a CMD prompt and run net start. then determine what services you really need. Send it along if you need some help figuring that out.

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