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What should I put as Company Description on my resume for CVS Pharmacy?

Asked by Crysta98 (1points) March 13th, 2011

I worked as a Cashier, shift Supervisor and Photo technician.

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the company description would not have anything to do with your jobs. the company description is what kind of place is CVS? I would say “retail pharmaceutical chain.”

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ummm, you put what your job title was. Then you detail out your responsibility. If it was a key job to what you are looking for now, detail it greatly. If it is simply a position that you held that has nothing to do with what you are seeking, you don’t need to do into great detail on paper.

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@blueiiznh: she asked what she should put for the company description. I believe that would have something to do with CVS itself, not her jobs.

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@jca I have never heard of putting a company description in a resume. Its all about company name, date of employement, job title, responsibilities.

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i never have either but that was her question.

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