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Was Hitler a Vegetarian?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) April 17th, 2008
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Yeah, he was. He was a strong advocate for animal rights. Ironic no?

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If he loved animals so much, why did he kill his dog? haha

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yes. he was also an artist, but nobody liked his work.

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@rawpixels; I don’t know whether you think your answer is funny, but as a Jew w. family that were wiped out in the Holocaust, I am deeply offended.

@cheebdragon: I respond the same way.

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@judo, as a Jew, I am also deeply offended at your response. It is not funny.

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Ok gailcalled. Sorry I forgot to show any respect towards a man that tried to wipe out an entire race.

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I’m not quite sure how mentioning his drug usage, or how he would be politically aligned today answers rememberme’s question of whether Hitler was a vegetarian.

I know everyone has opinions that can offend people, and I have been offended by some comments here, but people are entitled to their opinion, and if rawpixels wants to say Hitler would be a liberal, then as a Jew and a liberal, I’d like to know how that statement makes any sense at all.

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[moderator says]: keep answers relevant to the question asked; if you want to digress, take your off-topic commentary to the chat room

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gch, I’m confused. So was, or not?

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he was a vegetarian and an artist

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whew.. glad we got that cleared up

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Who cares if he was ?

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Rememberme cares. They asked the question.

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