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Google or Bing type sites? (read the details)

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 14th, 2011

Do you prefer simply, efficient, straight to the point kind sites like google? Or pretty designs, small little activities and interesting things to catch your attention kind sites, like Bing?

Give examples of sites that you like, that fits with your answer. Ex:
I like google kind, straight to the point:

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Bing is a fake. It takes Google search results and spits them back out!

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I used to use Excite! to search but when Google came around, I switched immediately because it was so simple it didn’t take long to load on dial up, or the slow Internet my job at the time had.

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Fluther is a simple unclutttered site I like. Someone suggested once that posting images should be allowed and I was horrified.

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I like Google. @marinelife is right. Bing does take Google search results, and still, it fails to give the variety of search results that Google does. I’m a Google girl all the way.

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I like the way google looks, but I don’t like their “privacy” practices.

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I prefer simple an elegant. However, that is not the only reason I prefer Google. Bing is a Microsoft product, which is reason enough to steer clear.

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haha, well, what kind of sites reflect this? For example, which sites give off simplicity but fulfills its purpose well? Example: Craigslist.


Which site reflects the opposite of simple and elegant?

@YoBob Yeah, i like simple and elegant too.

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