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What was the first website you remember getting into?

Asked by richardhenry (12641points) June 24th, 2008

Mine was the original Sims marketplace; the thing you could download furniture and assorted Sim items from. I remember having to get my mum to sign some sort of permission slip which we posted to them, because I was younger than 13 at the time (and didn’t think to lie about my age). Man, I really loved that game. What got you into the Internet?

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Hotmail was my first website. Does that count?

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@trudacia: I signed up to Hotmail too, but did it make you enjoy the Internet? If it did, then yes, I guess so.

jrpowell's avatar was the first website that started sucking up way too much of my time. That was probably the first site that I was guaranteed to visit everyday.

edit :: I stopped visiting fark a long time ago.

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It was Yahooligans! for me. Haha, that’s so cheesy.

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Hahahahahaha. Oh fuck… uh… I think.

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The Sierra Network (does anyone else remember that?)

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Sierra… like the games?
I LOVED the kings quest games!!

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I think mine was Yahooligans, too, Allie.

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Mine was a predecessor to Fluther… Yahoo! Answers Beta

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@delirium- yes, like the games. They had this whole weird sierra land kind of thing with chats and online games (like card games and stuff). This was in about 1988–89. Modem-stylee – and you paid by the hour/day if I remember correctly.

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The Onion.
Still can’t get enough Onion.

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Mine was its a starwars fan site. I was so into it. I loved star wars.

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It was because that was the default home page. I needed to find a map for a school project and that was it. What really got me into the internet, was probably AIM because i found all these amazing sites through my friends on AIM. And finally I think it was that actually introduced me to all the blogs and just about every popular website. Also forced me into getting into web design because I loved its design the first time i saw it and wanted to create a site similar to theirs (which i eventually did). It doesn’t look as pretty anymore because I have seen a lot of better ones over the years but back in 05, it was the hottest looking site on the internet.

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I don’t remember that so much as being there for the advent of the modern Internet. In ‘94 I was in college, and stumbled upon the Mosaic browser (precursor to Netscape and Firefox). Hyperlinks were so cool… as

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Yeah I remember Kings Quest. LOL!
I do believe the first web site was years ago when Times Mirror was selling Gateway. It was their homepage. That was like 1987 or 88.
WOW! That made me feel old.

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I played police quest. Good game. It took me months to figure out that you had to walk around your car and check the tires before they would let you drive it. That was frustrating. Ahh, police quest.

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Neopets I actually really liked Yahooligans too! I liked their “cool websites” section. I felt “cool” looking at the cool websites. Hmm…Hotmail was probably the first website I ever saw and joined so that has to count for something. Good question :)

TheHaight's avatar at around 15. I was constantly blogging! Leaving other people my thoughts on theirs, etc.

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Being the Sci-fi fan that I am, I would have to say The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5. It started in 93 I think. It was one of the first episode by episode guides for a tv show.

Babylon 5 was show with a five year story line thought out from start to finish so Lurker’s really helped you keep it all straight. It also posted all the quotes from the creator about each episode.

This was all back in the days before Web2.0. One guy wrote most of it!

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I was on Prodigy. That was the first online site I ever went on. Then I became one of the first members of AOL. God, I am old.

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I was on AOL very early also (AstroChuck). Before it was called AIM it was instant messenger and that is where my husband and I built our relationship (after we had met and hung out for a week that summer). I would talk on there till the sun came up. Oh, and my screenname my mom made for me was SendDough (everyone got a kick out of that…I was in college).

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AOL for me. I couldn’t get enough of those chatrooms and IM’s! That was about…11 years ago! WOW!

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AOL. But I just have to say, I love King’s Quest too! I remember playing that when I was about 8 with my older brother. Great adventure game!

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My screenname was SAYLRMRCRY (Sailor Mercury) fom the cartoon Sailor Moon. Oh my god…some old feelings just came rushing back. Like the kind of feelings you get when you hear a song that takes you way back. Funny. Anyway. I still use SAYLRMRCRY for some of my usernames to this day. I just rambled…sorry about that.

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woah, hate to say it banjo.. But I wasn’t on those primarily due to the fact that… Ahem… Erm… I was off being born.

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Yep, feeling older and older.

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Mine is also Neopets. It was the ‘trendy thing’ or the ‘fad’ I suppose, back in grade 5 for one term (the next term it was card games), and what made it even more exciting was sneaking into the computer lab at school during lunchtime without getting caught, especially since I didn’t have the internet at home.

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hotmail or the lego site, i think the lego site, must have been around 9 or something, my brother was one of the first to have dial-up

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Oh my God… That was :P

Though I also believe I used to frequent some Dutch website that allowed you to “create your own website”, but I can’t remember its name. It was part of a public broadcasting corporation. And way before (I was, say, 7 or 8) I had dabbled with creating my own website with FrontPage. Disastrous… I believe it’s still online somewhere :P

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Wowz… um, some local BBS at 1,200 baud (so happy to have the fastest modem). Not that that really counts as a web site. Later on got around on IRC a bit.

First real web site using NCSA Mosaic browser, was probably something for school.

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I remember that! They haven’t changed the old grainy layout or anything.

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(I linked to the version I remember: the one in the internet archive. It looks different now)

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Haha, I remember Webcrawler. Though that version is still newer than the one I remember.

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What a great site! Wish I’d known about it sooner.feel like a noob

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My first site was probably the hotmail one as MSN was a way I could contact my old friends who I had moved away from. But the site that got me ‘into’ the internet was probably deviantART and it’s chatrooms. I found a number of good friends on there and I’m glad I found it :)

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netscape and mosaic?...i’m talking 1991 or 1992, i was on of the first 5000 people to get the free netscape browser….old as dirt

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yahoo! when i first time need a E-mail acount

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I bet none of you have been there before!

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Neopets. Then melodrama.

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Oh neopets gotta go put my pets in the hotel.

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@cooksalot – hahahha that reminds me of how I used to put my pets in the hotel every month or so because i didn’t really have the patience to play with them. so i felt guilty,plus they were somehow always “content” which made me feel guiltier, so i’d send them to the hotel

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Well one of them is named after my long lost kitty. So he’s my digital replacement for Beaudren.

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@wilhel1812 OFC I have :p

Mye first meeting with ze internet was, long before google was born..
First site i regurarly visited was probably the betrayal at krondor helpweb I think….

rovdog's avatar in the wonderful days of dialup. it was kind of walled then- I’m not sure if that counts as a site. The first site that I loved was though- in the pre-napster days. it was incredible.

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Neopets. Gahhh I was an addicted 8 year old. I remember when my brother introduced me. I barely had used the internet before. The first time I spent more than an hour on the internet I thought, “Wow.”

This is me, millions of hours on the internet later.

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hahaha when I read the topic I immediately thought, ‘neopets’ will probably be the winner. I opened this topic and immediately did a ctrl + F and wrote neopets to see if anyone had mentioned it. Anyways, Neopets is also my first ‘into’ website. Then came runescape.

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