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How do I get rid of my Tumblr followers ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) March 11th, 2008

It seems that somehow my tumble-log is famous. After being featured on Tumblr’s Staff Picks and Sweet Themes section, I have over 300 “followers” who absically subscribe to all my posts and have an option to re-post anything I post. The problem is I dont like having so many followers and just dont like the idea of strangers following me. So any idea how I can get rid of them ?

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Make a new name.

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The Internet is a public place. You can’t maintain a public blog and expect people to not look at it. It sounds like Facebook sharing might be more up your alley. It’s a tumblog of sorts, though not nearly as nice as Tumblr. But it has (or, it can have) the privacy you seek.

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You could try to get MTV to give you your own awful dating show (a la Tila Tequila)...then you won’t have strangers following you online—they’ll be following you in real life!

Or, you could post something horrendously offensive in hopes that people will stop following you out of disgust. Of course, you probably don’t want hate mail either…

Seriously though, I feel like a lot of what tumblr is is just people re-posting the same stuff over and over. It’s kind of irritating, no? I mean, not that anyone re-posts any of my stuff, but seeing the same stuff posted over and over sort of defeats the purpose of having a personal blog, in my opinion. Just my 2 cents.

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@EmilyNation “seeing the same stuff posted over and over sort of defeats the purpose of having a personal blog”

As far as I understand that is part of what makes a tumblog. They seem to be somewhere in between micro-blogging and blogging, but with great support for other media than linguistic text.

@mirza It’s a lot of people but you could always ask them to unfollow you, or make a post asking them to.

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yeah, I use Tumblr as a link blog, with the occasional quote or conversation (or whatever else). But I save the actual blogging for WordPress.

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Some people are never happy.

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Be boring. Also, remember that whilst you may have many followers, the chances of 100% of them being active and hanging on your every word are slim. It’s likely that a large amount of your subscribers don’t actually read your blog.

Also, play down publicity. Asking questions like this that draw attention to you only creates more exposure, and some might think that the question is actually a stunt to get more views. Not a good look, so to avoid that possibility I would post any other related web content under a pseudonym.

It was too easy for me to type mirza into tumblr and haul up your blog, which is apparently what you don’t want.

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Also, I have just noticed your Q. for selling ad space on your blog: not a good move if you’re dumping your target audience.

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