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I wish I could take my click back.

She’s just a young mental case. No sane organization would want her as a spokesperson.

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Look at the comments on her channel. Whether she means to be or not, she is a rather potent troll.

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I feel sorry that I even clicked on her, it’s really just giving her craziness more views. :( Oh, and how on earth did you find this girl?

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@etignotasanimum I saw a link to one of her videos on facebook with the caption:
[On one of my friend’s walls.]

I then spent a good deal of time too long, going about disliking most of her 41 uploads, I have to agree with @Talimze‘s statement, “Whether she means to be or not, she is a rather potent troll.”

Ok, so any votes for Zombie?

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Well… she could be a zombie troll. That would be horribly frightening!

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Trooooooooooooooollllllllllll. You can totally tell.

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I had to laugh at that last video titled, “Another question for atheists”. “If God wasn’t real who wrote the Bible?” Umm, men? I mean really.

She’s a product of some pretty demented parents and religious leaders.

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I feel nauseated by people like her. My belly just churns with all the things to say that I know wouldn’t make any difference.

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She’s the same type of person who would look a fellow Christian in the eye and tell her/him that they must not be a good Christian because they have cancer.

Judgmental and demented.

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She’s the zombie that ate Torquemada’s brain!

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why do people even watch these types ive videos in the first place? Ive used it for years and cant say ive ever felt the need to listen to some random asshole blabble on about whatever it is their blabbling on about.

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Did someone say something?

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I guess I’m late because none of the videos can be accessed because of copyright problems or the person closed the account. Sounds like I missed a “goodie”.

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@dubsrayboo Wow, we did it folks! :D
“This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.”
Brilliant. Mission accomplished.

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