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How do you organize your underwear/pants in the closet?

Asked by Kokoro (1419points) March 14th, 2011

I am moving to a much smaller room and if I can I don’t want to buy a dresser drawer as it will take up too much space. I want to organize my clothes in the closet I have, what would you suggest? I am thinking of those plastic drawers you can find at the store but I was wondering if there was a classier or more creative way. Thanks!

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Put a small dresser (nightstand-like) in the closet.

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I have a few small Rubbermaid dresser-type things that I keep on the floor of my closet. I also have some canvas bins kind of like these that I keep on the shelf in the closet for socks and undies.

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Find a small bookshelf that will fit in the closet. That will save the hassle of dealing with drawers in the closet.

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Get the hanging wire cubicles made for closets and put from floor to closet shelf in one corner. We had this in my bf’s apt. when he had no furniture and it worked GREAT for him. We’d stack his t-shirts, undershorts, socks, lounge about shorts and jeans, all on a different level according to what he’d reach for most often being at eye level. It worked so well that we’ve talked about installing them here in our house even though we have dressers now, it would just make it simpler for him to have everything in plain sight under the closet light.

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Rubbermaid drawers are the best thing for closet organization in my opinion.

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