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Is this just a coincidence?

Asked by littlekori (676points) March 18th, 2011

Well yesterday I went to my boyfriends house and we had sex together for the first time. We both felt fine and then my night was good. I came home and ate the same dinner and dessert that my family ate and then I felt fine when I went to bed. I woke up at about 2 in the morning and my stomach hurt like crazy and I ended up throwing up every half hour and I am still throwing up a little bit. And at like 4 in the morning it started coming out both ends (sorry if thats to much information). So I just find it weird that I felt perfectly fine and so did my boyfriend and nobody else I was around has been sick and I got sick. So could it have something to do with the sex? I’ve never heard of anything like that, but I don’t know.

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I’d ask you to detail the sex, but that would be for different reasons Just kidding.

I vote coincidence unless it was some awesome monkey love.

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What did you have for your meal before bed?? :-/
Besides your boyfriend?

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@Scooby I just had spagehtti on top of these bread bowl things and then for dessert we had strawberry shortcake.

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@littlekori My guess is it was something else you were exposed to, like a bug going around or something you ate earlier. I’ve never heard of someone having that reaction to sex.

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It’s a coincidence.

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Face the facts: you’re allergic to sex.

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How are you feeling today? it could be you just had a dodgey stomach after your first time, it can happen, then your meal on top of that could have set off the pukes….. try taking it easy for a couple of days with me-laddo… if things don’t settle see your doctor or medical centre for advice….. :-/

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Still sick. Like I know I’m pretty dehydrated now so I’m trying to drink a little water but it just comes back up. And yeah well maybe, but it wasn’t my first time ever. Just my first time with him.

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I stand confident on the fact that you’ve probably got some virus that is unrelated to the sex.

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Well if it is a stomach bug you have, best thing …. Try to keep hydrated, what you are doing but also you need to refrain from eating for at least 24 hrs, who cooked the meal & was it cooked thoroughly ??
do have a fever??

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Feel free to browse all posibilities. You might be pregnant [ but it’s still early for all that throwing up ]

Still buy a poregnany kit and have it handy for later.

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Alright I’m trying to drink water but even when I drink little amouts it comes back up. And yea I can’t even think about food right now! My stepmom cooked the meal and it seemed all cooked thoroughly, plus no one else got sick. Ummm I’m not sure. I have to find my thermometer.

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@Hibernate I just had sex yesterday is it even possible to start throwing up already?

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I vote for coincidence, best thing is keep hydrated, as above. I never heard of someone getting sick from pregnancy on such a short term.

Takes a couple of weeks of pregnancy, for as far as I know.

(In case of a pregnancy, it is my understanding the fertilized egg needs to travel down the ovular tubes and settle in the womb, before it has enough stamina to make you feel sick.)

Want to know for sure? Wait till you feel better, have sex again and find out. :-)

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Like I said it’s a bit early for it to happen but you never know how your body reacts to it [ since you’ve never been pregnant before to be able to compare ]

Anyway it will be a relief for you to hear that you aren’t since you obviously haven’t considered this :P

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Do you think the nerves of the “first time” are making you this way?

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@blueiiznh no I don’t. It was only my first time with him, not my first time ever.

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I can only think of two things, but neither describe your symptoms:

1. Sex makes your abs hurt. Maybe if your stomach area isn’t used to the intense ab workout it got mad?

2. I sometimes suffer heartburn having sex too soon after eating. Apparently the pressure of the sex sends some stomach acids back where they came from.

Since neither of these sounds right, I say coincidence! Congrats on having sex!

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Seems unlikely that you’d throw up from pregnancy this soon, but I’d vote for a pregnancy test too (in about a week).

Could be that you were super nervous because it was your first time with him.

Might you be allergic to the latex in the condoms or having a reaction to birth control pills or spermicide from a diaphragm or a reaction to the hormones in an IUD? You don’t have to tell us what you used for protection, but if you think it might have something to do with that, see your OB/gyn or primary care physician right away.

Could it be that because you got home so late, that the food you (and everyone else ate) had been sitting out and was spoiled by that time?

Or you may have just already picked up a bug before any of this happened. Does your boyfriend have any symptoms? He might have passed a bug on to you.

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Just keep an eye on your temperature, if things begin to hot up, maybe time to get medically assessed, any food poisoning should be dealt with quite swiftly, if no temperature increases occur then try & have some light bites, nothing too heavy before you go to bed today ;-) good luck…….
And don’t forget…. SAFE SEX!!

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Not in a million years would I think you’re pregnant or that it had anything to do with the sex. It’s a coincidence. You ate something bad or contracted a bug. As everyone says, drink lots of water and see a doctor if it doesn’t ease in another day. Sorry you’re not feeling well.

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Recently, I bought an expensive bottle of spaghetti sauce from a fav restaurant. I found out hours later that it was bad. It was new, not expired, and tasted fine…but when I was vomiting, I knew exactly what had caused it.

Possibly the combination of foods you ate, did not bide well with your digestive process.

I feel strongly this has zilch to do with your intimacy.

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Stomach bug

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I’ve heard of the stress of new romantic encounters or experiences, even if people are happy about it, diminishing immune function. You were likely exposed to a bug, which you might normally have no problem with, but it hit you harder.

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It’s just a coincidence,like peeps said it’s most probably some bug going round….
Hope you feel better : ) xxx

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No doubt a virus of the tum. It can take up to 72 hours to make you sick.

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you said you had diarrhea too so that is not a symptom of pregnancy. It sounds more like a stomach bug to me. I just had one recently and these things seem to go around. i think just a coincidence that you just had sex recently.

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You are pregnant.

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Definitely coincidence. By the way, water isn’t actually the best thing to drink if you’re still vomiting or having ‘the poops’. Get yourself some Gatorade… it will likely stay down if you just sip it, where the water just sets everything in motion again.

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