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Where could I learn how to set a simple home network?

Asked by sunssi (120points) March 18th, 2011

Similar to a small business, so all the PC’s linked together, so I could set up a username and password for someone and they could go on any machine and log on and find their files?

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What OS are you running?
This is available in Windows all the way back to Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

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By default, XP Home has Simple File Sharing, which lets everybody access the files with no password. XP Professional has Advanced File Sharing with user names and passwords.

There is a workaround for XP Home
How to Disable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP Home Edition

And here’s a good page for starters
Windows XP Networking: Sharing in the Home Office

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Easy—get a wireless router and make sure computers have WIFI.
Then follow @jaytkay ‘s advice.

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