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What do you do when faced with an incredibly terrifying possibility?

Asked by Begeara (376points) March 18th, 2011

I can’t go into much details because my mother is a part of fluther :P

But the gist of it is, in a week or so I might get some news that will change my life forever. I’ll suddenly be faced with a huge responsibility and I’m scared that no matter how hard I try I won’t be able to rise to the challenge.

As the name say’s its only a possibility it will happen, but I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all I think about and its messing with my head… I was just wondering how you would deal with something incredibly life changing? How you would prepare for it and so on.

I know this is a hard question to answer cause I can’t tell you what the thing that’s happening is. But any help at all would be greatly appreciated

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I talk to my mom about about…she always gives good advice. Other then that, I prepare for the change as well as possible.

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Maybe you should consider talking to a counselor (if you’re in school), or an adult you can trust. However, dealing with life changing situations that you know are about to happen means stepping up to the plate and facing that situation head on (IMHO). Now every mother that has a child will be looking at him/her wondering if their child is distressed. Whether she knows her child is on Fluher or not.

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Anytime I have been faced with something challenging,I try to find out as much as I can (that takes care of alot of fear),then plow right ahead.
Good luck :)

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Eat the apple one bite at a time. If possible break the event into smaller more managable pieces and deal with them one at a time instead of trying to deal with the whole thing at once.

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Prepare for the worst.

Hope for the best.

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Well I know that a huge change is coming to the world and it is going to evolve. The best thing that I can do is to best prepare myself and hope for the best. Like @stratman37 is saying prepare for the worst possibility then hope for the best.

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I’m sorry that you’re facing such a difficult thing whatever it is.

I’m facing some medical tests next week that could radically alter my life. I breathe deeply. I meditate. I concentrate on the good in my life. I make a gratitude list. And I call a trusted friend and confide in them.

They are small things, but they help.

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I come up with various scenarios and alternative plans. Doing some research and having some concrete ideas in mind helps with the panic. And i talk to my friends.

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I’m his mother and no matter how hard I try I can’t get him to tell me. We generally talk about everything so it is more than a little worrying that he won’t tell me (although he promised to once he talked to his friends, which he has done).

Come on son: ‘fess up as you are driving your mother to distraction with worry!

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@Begeara Talk to your mother; you know she’s a great one and you’re driving her nuts. She will listen and help you, I promise; I know her.

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* Fear is the product of ignorance. *
Educate yourself completely on all aspect of what MAY happen and decide how you might respond to each scenario. If you are losing sleep then you need to confide in someone who you trust to get you through this even if it happens. Things are less scary when you know you wont face them totally alone.

If it happens then roll with it a day at a time or a minute at a time depending on how much is thrown at you.

Life has a way of throwing unexpected curves at us. We have all realized that the best laid of all plans are subject to change according to what life sends your way.

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Marry her?

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She’s not pregnant. Relax!

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My daughter found out she was pregnant with a severly handicapped child.
Her legs were not formed, and her head was malformed.
If the child lived to birth, she would need constant care.
My daughter aborted the child. She was not up to the challenge, and couldn’t deal with a child who was any less than perfect.
I was grateful it was not my choice to make.

Much as I hate her politics, I do have a lot of respect for Sarah Palin for having a child all the tests showed would have Down’s Syndrome. That did take character.

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Courage!!! Someway, somehow you must find it!!! Give your mother a bit more credibility here! Don’t think your mother raised a WEAK child! I’ve had a really strict upbringing but due to respect and not out of fear, I did not let her in. In hindsight, I wish I would of gotten the “balls” to just say what was on my mind (she gave me permission to speak freely and without repercussion, because she knew that whatever it was that was eating me up, was perhaps a much worse punishment, (for lack of better words). If this decision is something you think you wont be able to handle on you own the you need to really make a list of pro’s and con’s to the outcome of your situation. Have a trusted friend- or find someone who you are comfortable telling the details of your issue to ( how about calling in to the boys and girls club of America?). If you really are afraid of your mother of what she might say and do, why not make a plan to have a friend call you at a specific time after you have told her, or even wait outside your door if anything should occur that they need to call for help. Bottom line is, you will have to tell her. The longer you wait, the more miserable it’s going to make you and her, especially if you have already come to a decision what you are going to do in the end. She loves you and only wants to protect you. Expect her first reaction to be the worst, but in the end, she just might surprise you. Only you know her temperment. Good luck.

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At this point, you need to wait to see whether you face this thing or not. I know you’re worried, but it’s just a week. Hopefully there will be time to figure out how to handle it after you know for sure. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

If you face it, you can then think about what to do. Look at your options. Figure out which option you feel you can handle. Good luck!

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Thanks for all the replies everyone. We have spoken and we’ll handle what ever comes up.

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Its all better now, turns out what we were afraid of didn’t happen… so I can breath a sigh of relief. Thanks everyone for your help =)

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I love a happy ending. :)

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@Begeara be more careful in the future

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Will do ^.^;;

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