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Do any tech-savvy flutherites have any experience with either PD or Max/MSP?

Asked by DeanV (14203points) March 20th, 2011

I’ve been trying (in vain) to teach myself the basics of PureData for the last few hours and have been hitting a bit of a roadblock.

So my question is this. Does anyone out there have any experience with these two languages that could perhaps tell me: What you use them for, what kind of patches you’ve created, or some of the basic object commands?
Should I really spend an amount of time learning PureData or should I move over to Max/MSP as soon as possible? I’ve heard they’re almost the same, but there are some that swear by one or the other.

Hoping this doesn’t head straight for the “orphans” section.

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Start with PD, it’s basic, use miller’s examples to get yourself familiar with the real pillars of electronic music – FM/AM synthesis, granular synthesis and Frequency based(FFT) synthesis. Then start looking at sequencers, but only after you are familiar with train triangle oscillators also as LFOs. In electronic music, simplicity goes a long way! great reading- miller Puckett’s book and the Electronic Music Tutorial by Rhodes.

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@amosel Alright, thanks for the response. I’m familiar with the main ideas of electronic music, and have used Ableton and Logic before to make a couple songs, I’ve mostly been trying to figure out how to do the things I know how to do in other programs in PD.

I’ll look into the books, though. I’ve mostly been using Youtube tutorials up until now.

Any thoughts on PD vs. Max/MSP?

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