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Is there anything more powerful than a new baby?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36555points) March 21st, 2011

We have a new addition in my extended family. It’s anticipated arrival was initially met with lots of hand wringing and tears. He shows up on the scene (two weeks old yesterday) and now he’s won everyone over. Is there anything with more power to bring people together or make someone’s day?

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I don’t think so.

Only the hardest hearts can withstand their power.

Congratulations :-) We haven’t had a new baby in my family nor my extended family for 11 years and I miss having one around.

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Great question! It’s amazing how a family can go from despair over an unplanned pregnancy to delight! The whole world changes.

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It would be so awful to go in the other direction!

I’m glad things are going well. I love babies!

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That’s what babies are designed for. Those big eyes and winning smiles. They bring out the protective and positive instincts of the entire species.

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Puppies are pretty powerful too. My daughter found a puppy in the WalMart parking lot. He can’t be six weeks old. We’re trying to figure out how to find a home for him, while wrestling with the urge to keep him!

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I didn’t appreciate babies until I had one. Now I understand their appeal! You can’t resist!

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That first night at home, with a brand new baby next to you…it’s indescribable. It’s magical.

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I knew they’d come around! Well, I hoped… Babies are magical. It’s that simple. Yay, Babies!

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No way. Babies are the best. Baby anythings. Human babies, kittens, puppies. Even crying babies turn me into a little puddle of sap.

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A new car? Just kidding, but I don’t feel birth is that powerful, it’s just life; species are reproducing all over the place everyday, but of course I understand how special your own child is when it is born.

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Have you ever experienced the birth of your own child first hand @Blackberry? Just curious.

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Just a congratulations, @Adirondackwannabe. I’m sure now that the smoke is clearing, you and your family couldn’t be happier.

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As an aside, I just hate it when someone I barely know makes a special call to excitedly tell me that a friend of hers, whom I’ve never heard of, and who lives in another town 70 miles away, “Had her baby!!” Like…this is the first time I’ve heard of the person, much less that she was expecting. And they say it like…you’re supposed to go all faint with joy or something. Then, a few days later I ran into my acquaintance at a convenience store. She was there with another person who I didn’t know. My acquaintance says, all excited, “You wanna see the baby??!!!!” then drags me out to the car, where, sure enough, there is A Baby. Oh. I guess from this encounter the girl she was with at the convienience store is the one who had her baby a week ago. Ummmm. Yes. It’s a baby.

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