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How is Video Game/Blackberry T.V. addiction treated in Canada?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) March 21st, 2011

Specifically Alberta for Adults… in the U.S. they have services but I can’t seem to find anything for Alberta.

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More tokens and free bus trips to Chuck E. Cheese.

Okay – - – Is video addiction a treatable malady?

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@Tropical_Willie in the states it is… but mostly the treatment is for Crack-berry Addiction costs $27,000 for 90 days.

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@talljasperman That’s cheaper than Betty Ford Clinic. About $60,000 for 90 days.

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@Tropical_Willie Do you think Health care would cover it in Alberta? I only have $1,000 and I need that

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Just throw the fuckin thing out, problem solved. ‘Smart phone’ is the biggest oxymoron since ‘military intelligence’

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@syzygy2600 I need a $25 phone for emergencies and to keep in contact,,, I’m not throwing out a $5000 TV that’s not mine… I don’t play my Play Station 2 and it’s not mine to throw out and I need the computer for Fluther and porn… I just need an excuse for my Doctor for my condition so he won’t keep mis-diagnosing me as mentally ill…when I’m self diagnosing myself from a special documentary from TV, last night…. that’s why I asked the question…. if doctors can diagnose me as addicted then I can get permission to throw all these devices out and cancel cable…I don’t have a BlackBerry just yet…but my life was distracted by these things back in the day that I wasn’t getting much sleep and my health was poor…you don’t want me to be labeled nuts do you? When a perfectly good excuse is available? Besides the medication I’m on cost $400 a month and just makes me sleepy 21 hours a day… if I can blame the TV. then well I can get a mulligan on failing out of university… I know it’s a stretch but If computers can be addictive then I might get a second chance at life….my only other option is to say I’m permanently mentally ill and I stay on medication for the rest of my life….I’m going for a doctor’s appointment in two days and I need to know how to word this to the doctor…I’ll throw the things out if I can prove that they are harming me…I need to know how the doctors going to take this… and what the diagnosis will be in Alberta….I’m on disability and I will lose that if they don’t take computer overload as a reason for illness…I’m much better now, I just need an explanation for past health concerns.

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