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Can a person who had a VSD [heart defect] smoke pot, without consequences?

Asked by ATW (72points) March 21st, 2011

Alright, so, there’s something I’ve been wondering. I had a VSD [ventricular septal defect] it’s a heart problem… long story short, it’s nothing fatal, a person who had it fixed can live a perfectly normal life with sports and what not.

But I’ve been wondering, can I smoke pot? I never did, and, I don’t really want to, but just out of curiosity, since pot increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. [however, caffeine does the same]

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I am not a medical professional but I would have to say don’t do it. Drugs are never good for you anyway and having a medical problem with your heart could end pretty badly.

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Questions not to be answered on an internet Q&A site.

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No one can smoke any substance without consequences. The smoke is always made up of tiny particles that get lodged in the lungs.

Will the drug affect you? Ask your doctor.

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IMO marijuana is generally a pretty safe drug to use. But with something like that I would be very hesitant to say one way or another. I would say its better to err on the side of caution. But as other have said, this really isnt the place to go looking for answers, you can be literally putting you life at risk on the word of some anonymous people on the internet. Consult a medical professional.

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You might be able to eat pot or use a vaporizer. Inhaling smoke really fucks up your heart and lungs quite badly. If the doctor gives you the ok for sports then a small amount of pot should be okay. Did he say if it’s okay to drink?

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I strongly agree with @janbb. This is a medical question requiring a professional medical answer (ideally, a survey of them). So, the OP is just curious, won’t act on the answers, okay; but what about another reader who might? It’s irresponsible to ask/answer questions like this, IMO.

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@nicobanks I dont agree with the last part. Maybe you could say that if we were like “oh yea sure go for it man.” But everyone said go to a doctor. What impression would another reader get?

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@uberbatman I wasn’t talking to anyone who’d posted, otherwise I’d have @d you – I just meant that it’s irresponsible to answer a question like this based on one’s own so-called experience/knowledge, without emphasizing “go to a doctor,” as everyone here has done. I always see people answering medical questions like that, so I thought I’d try and discourage it here or anyway make my opinion known, is all.

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I was born with a VSD, and it was always insignificant and didn’t bother me too much. Up until I started smoking weed, it caused a lot of complications, and now I have regurgitation from my VSD, which I may need surgery for soon; whereas before I did not need one. I would recommend not smoking weed, however do it at your own discretion

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