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If AT&T is buying T-Mobile for $39 billion dollars, will the T-Mobile customers be given a new AT&T cellphone?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 21st, 2011

Wife and I have been customers of T-Mobile for 12 years. We were one of the pilot customers for Voicestream, which was later bought by T-Mobile. It appears that AT&T is going to purchase T-Mobile for a hefty amount of money. Question: since T-Mobile is 3G and AT&T is 4G, will AT&T replace our T-Mobile cellphones with AT&T cellphones, at no cost to us?

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I doubt it. If I’ve learned one thing from being an AT&T customer for the past 6 years, it’s that they like it (and you) most when you are giving them money.

I assume that your current T-Mobile phone will continue to work but that they will not be sold or worked on after the company purchase.

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The phone signal from the T-Mobile phones are compatable with the AT&T signals, so you will have increased service once the deal is approved, and the equipment is interconnected.

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I hope not. all T-mobile users would have to get used to the bad connection

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According to latest news, the poor bastards have to buy them.

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You’re dreaming. In any case, T-Mobile does have 4G enabled phones, and in theory, their speed is higher than 3G even if it isn’t up to 4G.

I’ve been with them since Omnipoint days. Voicestream, T-Mobile, and now ATT. I don’t know why I even bother to learn the name of the company.

My concern is whether I’ll be able to keep my plan. I don’t want to be forced into a more expensive plan.

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I highly doubt it. Years ago I had a wireless carrier called Suncom that AT&T aquired.
It was merged into AT&T in 2001 and there was no phone offer. The plans were grandfathered for about 1yr and then it changed to AT&T paper. The discounts from Suncom were honored through the contract term and I would hope they do the same in todays case for T-Mobile.

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Initial reports are saying that T-Mobile will essentially be a “branch” of AT&T now. The names of the companies won’t change, but future phones will work on both networks.

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No. It’s the same thing Sprint did with Nextel. You’ll still have a garbage phone, just on a slightly better network.

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who cares about the phone if Anit Trust & Take gives new phones Customer Service will go to he*& in hand basket. I for one will find another service as will 25 or more of my friends and thiers. If you are a T- Moble Customer petition your congress and senate to force the FCC to give T-Moble the bandwith they need to expand, so this merger will die before it can be approved and decrease competition. OPPOSE OPPOSE this merger!

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They will likely do the same thing that Cingular did when they bought AT&T Wireless. Let them coexist for a couple of years, and try every method in the book to get you to switch to a new AT&T handset with a new contract that’s better for them. So if you’ve got a good plan now, hang on to it for dear life because there is no way in hell AT&T will suffer being affordable when they can be profitable.

4G means nothing, none of the networks have anything that is even close to the official 4G spec. Considering they are both GSM networks, their phones are more or less interchangable with the sim (assuming the phones are unlockable).

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They’ll let you ride out your existing contract, then stick you with whatever choices of services and phones they have to offer at the time. No new phone. Not even any lube.

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No, for now they will most likely keep your current plan in tact. When your contract (if you have one) expires they will most likely try and make you “upgrade” your phone and make a different plan.

You might just want to switch to Verizon when all the switching and yadda is over, It seems AT&T may be making some huge changes (So I’ve heard from a friend of mine that worked at TMobile and now (with the buyout) works at AT&T.)

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The company has issued a press release saying that once this purchase is approved, customers will have to buy new phones. That should be a year or so away.

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