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Do you see a correlation between astrological signs and personality types?

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9815points) March 22nd, 2011

Do you think there is anything to typing of personalities according to astrological signs? My sister and my sister-in-law are both Virgos, and I have to say that they share some basic personality characteristics.

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Search here for horoscopes or astrology. There are a zillion conversations on this topic, all with at least some posters carefully explaining why astrology is pure bunkum.

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There has to be a significant difference in the psychology of a baby born on June 21 in the northern hemisphere, for whom the first six months of life get darker and darker each day, and that of a baby born on December 21 for whom the days get brighter and brighter each day. I don’t know how accurate astrology is, but there has to be some psychological impact dependent on the time of year you are born.

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No. Astrology, alchemy, phrenology and others were primitive attempts at what finally developed into objective scientific inquiry. Their remnants still echo in the civilization but they are scientifically without merit. If there is some impact on your behaviour based on which constellation was in the sky when you were born, nobody has found it, so it is not a basis for any decision making.

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The Mayans have a calendar (Not the one most talk about they had several) which followed the purpose of an individual. They have a key to looking at your birthday date and time. This was celebrated at all births and helped the child have a purpose to begin with. Though many will not give any form of acknowledgement about that. It is just a thought to think on as is all there is to life, nature and The Universe.

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Your sister and sister-in-law share some personality types because your brother was looking for someone who has a personality like what he’s used to…his family.

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Nope. There all kinds of fancy ways to describe why we think there is a correspondence but there actually isn’t. But, there is no way it can make any sense, fun yes, sense no.

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Good answer, @Dutchess_III and probably true in some cases, but the sister-in-law I am referring to is my husband’s sister. Wait a minute – she was my best friend before I met her brother. Maybe I was attracted to her as a friend because she is like my sister. Hmmm..

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It is all a bunch of bollocks.

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The traits attributed to each star sign can be claimed by almost anyone. “Hey, I am stubborn! I totally like to be the centre of attention!”

Read these descriptions:

1) They get things done through the power of their emotional commitment. Not only do they aggressively work to accomplish the goals inspired by their own feelings, they also know how to appeal to the emotions of others. By making other people feel like family members, they effectively motivate others to get things done. They have to learn how to reach an emotional balance since they tend to be overly sensitive and moody.

2) They accomplish things because they intellectually evaluate what needs to be done, then they charm others into cooperating to achieve the goal. By unselfishly sharing the success of accomplishment with those who have assisted them, they nurture the cooperative efforts of others. They have to learn how to deal with confrontation. Their fear of hurting others and also of hostile situations can keep them from reaching their goals.

3) They adapt emotionally to their environment. Often painfully shy, they are adept at imitating the mannerisms of other people in order to hide their own personalities. A [person of this sign] can too easily become a victim by identifying with the personality and problems of other people, because this severely restricts the development of their own personality and talent.

I bet you’re able to see yourself in at least one. What’s your sign?

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No. I was quite keen on astrology for a few years and studied it in depth and it’s still no.

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I like reading all of the astrological predictions of the day, and pretend they actually pertain to me. They’re all spot on! I DO need to slow down/get busy/mend fences/keep working hard/take a vacation/don’t piss my boss off. It’s all true!

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No, but I do see a lot of bullshit.

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Most people share lots of personality traits with people that have the same astrological sign. For instance they might be nice, funny, enjoy pizza, have a good sense of style (or not) and like to go to the movies, have a really good best friend, are intelligent, enjoy comedy etc.

But then again, most people will have the traits I just listed, because they are common and general.

There will also be lots of people who have a different astrological sign, that still share all of the above (and more) traits.

There will also be traits amongst people of the same sign that are not shared between them.

There will also be traits amongst people of different signs that are not shared between those people.

There are always going to be traits that are shared amongst people whether or not they are of the same astrological sign, simply because they are human traits, or American traits, or traits that are common in our culture.

There are also always going to be traits that are not the same, because people are individuals, not carbon copies of each other.

You can read any astrological forecast in any newspaper on any day of the week (without looking at the signs) and you will find things that pertain to you and things that do not. Most of the “traits” that are listed as belonging to any particular sign are so generalized that even if they aren’t exact, you can make them fit yourself. And then you just throw out the ones that don’t fit and marvel at how many were “right on.” That’s how it works.

Here’s a random sample from a horoscope from today (I won’t tell you which sign it’s for. It could be Virgo, or it could be a different sign) It says:Romance is in the air, Aries, filtering your vision with a rosy light. You’re in love with the world today, and you’re most especially in love with your partner. If you don’t already have a partner, you may meet him or her today. Since you never know when or where, make sure to look your best throughout the day.Do you know if this is from Virgo?

If I had a partner, I would most likely be in love with him/her. If I didn’t have a partner, then I might meet him/her today. No duh! I read all of the horoscopes today, and guess what? Most of the stuff fit me to a T. Why? Because they’re all generalizations.

The traits are always generalized terms like “intelligent” “good sense of humor” or “creative” Nobody is going to say that they aren’t any of those things, but each of those terms can mean something completely different to each person, that is how the traits are “made to fit” everybody. What exactly does “intelligent” and “good sense of humor” and “creative” mean to you? Probably all of us Flutherites “have those traits” but they mean something completely different to each one of us. For instance, “creative” might mean that one of us is a fabulous and talented chef, for another one of us it might mean that they are a fabulous painter, for another one of us it could mean that they are a talented designer of airplanes, for another one of us it might mean that they are a brilliant mathematician capable of solving difficult formulas. But each of these people are “creative.”

So the answer to the question is no.

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@Kardamom You can always do like this>>>> NO! : )

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No. They’re formulated so that any person can fit any description.

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No. Stop it.

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took the two letters and punctuation mark right out of my thoughts.
no; not in the least bit.

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It’s junk science charlatanism. Watch the video, James Randi on Astrology.

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No, YOU stop it @Ivan! (My horoscope said I was going to get in a fight with a planet today…)

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Okay, let me get more specific. My two Virgo’s are both extremely vain. I don’t have any other acquaintences who are like that. Every Aries I have ever known has been immature “spoiled brat” types. Every Taurus I have ever known has been level-headed, down to earth types, ultra-conservative. Every Cancer I have ever known has been the class clown, comedianes. Every Leo I have ever known has been stuck-up. Every Aquarius I have ever known has been “yes-men.” Every Pisces I have ever known has been control freaks. And the list goes on.

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Oh yeah, @Skaggfacemutt? Then, based on what you know about me, what sign am I?

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@Dutchess_III I don’t know you well enough to say. In fact, you have to know a person pretty well before you find out what their most dominant personality trait is.

Anyway, don’t get defensive. I am just telling you my observations and wondering if anyone else here has had the same experience.

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K. Well, I don’t think I’m stuck up. But maybe I should ask Fluther. HEY YOU GUYS!! Am I stuck up??

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By the way, might as well finish the list. Sagitarius (sp?) friends of mine are beyond eccentric, Capricorn friends of mine take responsibility as serious as a heart attack, Libra’s are easy-going in every way, and I don’t know any Scorpios..

@Dutchess_III I am an Aries. I am an immature, spoiled brat. I realize this and try to not be. I doubt if anyone here would know that about me.

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tell me what a lion is like

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Heh. Well, apparently we’re stuck up. Jury is still out on that, though.

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Are YOU a stuck up lion Raggie?

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As far as I know, no.

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Well, if you’re a Leo you are stuck up, whether you know it or not. See.

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I’ll be damned.

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Leos are supposed to be party animals, always wanting to be the centre of attention. My dad is a Leo and he’s the complete opposite of a party animal. He’d rather die than go to a party.

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i hate parties, too.

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Crusier and LucilleLucille and I are having a party, but I’m not the center of attention. They are. Veeeery interesting.

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I’m an aquarius; I am not a yes-man.

In fact, none of your “I have never met a ____ who wasn’t ____” statements are true. You only remember the examples that fit your theory, and you conveniently discard all the counter-examples.

Stop it.


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Dear Aquarius, the stars predict tomorrow you’ll wake up to a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep.

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Yes, it’s like @Ivan is saying. Because you have read what the “personality profiles” are for each of the signs, everytime you meet someone and that person happens to be of that sign for silliness, or life of the party-ness or artistic ability, then you point it out and say, “See all those Taurus’s are like that.” But what you leave out is that a bunch of the Libras and Aries and Pisces and Cancers are also like that and have those qualities, but because you weren’t looking to confirm it (because they have a different sign) then you either didn’t notice it, or just discarded it. But then you played up their particular sign’s characteristics and noticed them.

I’ve read a bunch of horoscopes today, in different publications and the thing I noticed most was that all of the statements are generalities, and they also have 2 choices, so that one of them will almost always be right. Like in the example I gave above it said: You are in love with your partner, or you might meet the person who will become your partner. If the first part doesn’t fit, the second part will.

You are going to wake up, and despite feeling groggy, you are going to have a day filled with potential. You are going to cook something really delicious, unless you are too busy and then you will have to settle for take out or left-overs. You will be mulling over something important in your mind and you may or may not have the resources to make a decision today. Duh! This paragraph that I just made up is true for all of us. All of us, could easily write horoscopes. Just follow these rules: Don’t be specific, give general information that can be true for anyone (male or female) and throw in a few exciting potentials, but don’t say what those potentials are in any detail. And a little romance goes a long way, you either have it or are looking for it.

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@ivan I am not conveniently discarding examples that don’t fit my theory. It’s not really my theory, but my experience, and I am really enjoying reading the counter-examples here.

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I enjoy reading my fortune cookies because they’re always true too!

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I agree, which totally goes against what I said. It’s weird how it relates to me. But, my hypothesis is that the people who come up with these fortunes think of a phrase that anyone can relate to somehow, so that’s why I think I agree.

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its not only depend upon moon sign but its depend on personal horoscope
it is depend on first house of your horoscope.

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