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Anybody else have trouble getting off of email lists?

Asked by Fairylover78 (1183points) March 22nd, 2011

I went to to check it out as requested by a friend and signed up, thought it could come in handy at some point… I get over 100 emails everyday from them now for people in my area getting rid of stuff. I have unsubscribed 5 times and STILL continue to get emails, it’s driving me crazy! Anyone else have this problem with them, or know how to make it stop? ( is where ppl go to sale or give away things, and can find places in your area.. thought it was good idea until this started…)

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If you’ve unsubscribed and they’re still sending you emails, they’re breaking the law. Contact their customer services.

Meanwhile you can set up a filter in your email client. How to do this depends on what program you use to receive emails. In Outlook or Windows Mail it’s under “message rules”. Set a rule to say that any email containing freecycle in the sender’s address is automatically deleted.

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When you ask them to delete your name, they just consider that you are a real person at the end of that address and send more. Just put them in your Spam file and ignore them. Eventually they’ll stop.

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I don’t know what Freecycle you are on, but the does not allow any sales – everything is entirely free and the unsubscribe works just fine.

I use an obscure e-mail for contests and such, and I delete 200 emails a month. My husband is very active online, and he deletes 200 a DAY.

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