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Dealing with manipulative people in your life? Care to share some humorous stories of how you get taken in by manipulative folks?

Asked by Coloma (47110points) March 23rd, 2011

Oh the irony!

After JUST reminding myself to be on red alert with a particular person the other day, I fell into their web AGAIN!
Their manipulative ‘tactics’ include…. altering agreements without asking, adding ‘extras’ to agreements at the last minute hoping you will be caught off guard and cave. and lying by omission, minimization, and sometimes outright ‘little white lies’, and of course, the #1 tactic, playing dumb when confronted.


Tell me the Tom Foolery you are prone to falling for with the manipulators in your life!

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I’m sorry, but I’m learning that being suspicious takes too much out of me. I don’t even want to think about this.

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I am sorry that you are having to go through this. When it crops up, I tend to back away emotionally and assess what the intent might be. The only stories I can think of where this happened aren’t funny…at least if committed by an adult.

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I tend to accept everyone at face value and trust what they tell me and how they are unless otherwise shown. So I get fooled all the time but I like the fact I give them the benefit of the doubt.

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I agreed to work for a guy designing stained glass patterns.
He wanted a girlfriend.
Barfs XD

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Yes, it is maddening!

I am taking ‘space’ from this person now after confronting them on their stuff.


I agree, it’s rare for me to vent, but, thought it would be fun to ask for stories.


Haha..did he paint your wagon? lol


I concur, but, I’m getting better at spotting the patterns.


Yep, in seclusion from this person now.
It;s just uncanny how they keep getting me, almost every time. Sheesh!

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Well, my husband is a good salesman. Before I became aware of just HOW good he is, I ended up buying a lawn mower shop. And then I married him. It’s all good, though! We work well together (IE: Me: ”NO!!!!!” Him: “ok.” like that.)

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LOL…perfect, much easier to smile at that kind of manipulation. :-)

My ‘story’ is an aquaintance/friend/neighbor that constantly ‘gives’ her new car to her husband, refuses to drive their other 2 vehicles because she does not ‘like’ to drive them, and then, manipulates me into running her errands, along with no small measure of duplicity, like saying..” I JUST need stuff to make Taco salad for dinner and then, does a weeks worth of grocery shopping on my time.” Amongst other little ploys that catch you off gaurd. Grrrr!

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@Coloma Nut case, your neighbor!!

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I have this friend who is all “good” about himself, and to be honest I got really messed up about it. He made my opinion change to his at some point… When he wants something and im not in the mood, and I say a polite no. He says that he would do it for me and I end up doing it. He even told me that he manipulates, “sometimes” now I have come to realise he isn’t doing it sometimes, it has become his personallity, he even said “making people depressed is fun” In a some sort of evil way… And how did I feel at that moment depressed, the other day, he came to me and said “some people said to me that you are depressed, you do feel depressed do you?” He said I could say anything to him… I already figured he would say something like that, so I just gave an to the point answer… Some time later he said to me I had tunnel vision, ending up other people thought that about me… The problem is, he has the same friends I do, so I can’t just let it go… I’ve talked to other people about it, and they said that most of those people already knew, and that they would choose my side if they should make the decission.

Just saying, you always find out at the end what somebody is doing, that makes it hard to tell if somebody is actually manipulating,
I have learned a lot about these kind of people, and I don’t actually care how they make me feel, I know better :)

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Yeah, I’m waking up to that side of her bigtime. lol


That’s bad news, when someone actually admits they enjoy being manipulative. Usually they are on the stealth and have an uncanny ability to suck you in.

I say run far and run fast with that guy! haha

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My son married one. When we bought them a rental house to get them out of our house, she immediately moved her mother and grandmother into the house with them. While Sonny was out of work, she refused to life a finger around the house, and we had to pay the mortgage on the house the whole year he was off.

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@Coloma—No.I would have KHA. XD

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I sometimes order a sandwich to be delivered to my job and I always use a debit card. a co worker overheard me and asked me to call back and add his order to mine, he’d give me cash when the driver came. Here come the sandwiches, I’m asking for reimbursement and the coworker suddenly doesn’t have enough cash. So not only did I end up paying for ¾ of his order, he never paid me back. I later found out he tries this for other people too.

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LOL…sorry, but, aaah, the old ’ bait-n-switch routine’ that’s a good one!
Very good! hahaha

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Down with passive aggressive people!
It’s a revolution!

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I often used to say “I’m the type of bloke who’ll try anything once” I got called on it once too, sly bitch strapped it on after the lights went out! I did wonder what all that fumbling was about! :-/
True story & I’m still a virgin might I add! :-/

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Sadistic manipulation ey?

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@Neizvestnaya Would you buy me a samwich? And bob_ too? bob_ will pay you back.

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@Dutchess_III- that bob_… gotta watch out.

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Turkey with lite mayo, lettuce, tomatoe and swiss please, hold the manipulation.

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Yep!... I think I got my wires crossed when she said “I’ll have you”… Turned into a bit of a costume drama :-/ Lol
I was young & naive at the time, she was a lot older, quite butch too, come to think of it! :-/ And she bought all the drinks…..

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Was her name Lola? hehe

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It was Veronica, Vickie for short :-/
I think Lola, was her sisters name :-) Lol…..

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