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Any book that you would like to be produced as a movie and why-?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) March 25th, 2011

Hollywood is always on the lookout for books that could be adapted for the screen. I know sometimes they do a brilliant job and sometimes they don’t. If you have a book that you are excited about to see on the screen, what is it and why-? Also if you want please mention any casting ideas you may have and choice of director. Thanks-!

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Someone needs to redo “V for Vendetta”. Fo’ real.

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The one I wanted to see on the screen is “Atlas Shrugged”.Looks like they did or are doing that.

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Life of Pi! Amazing book! :D

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I’d love to see the Dark Tower series done, but I’m hesitant at the same time, because it could either be amazing or terrible.

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Three Cups of Tea- because I think it’s an amazing true story

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Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. It would be a life long undertaking, but worth it (if done right)

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1. The Thief of Always
2. From the Corner of His Eye

Both are amazing books, the second one could even be made into a two or three part epic.

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Myst: The Book of Atrus

Technically, that would be making a movie out of a book which serves as the backstory for a videogame, but I’d still like to see it.

Since my favorite YA novel is being made into a movie with Emma Watson in it I’d say that I’d like to see my second favorite YA novel, Looking For Alaska made into a film.

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@gabbypotterrr: In my scriptwriting class, a girl actually started a script for Life of Pi. Who knows, maybe she’ll finish it and we’ll see it on the big screen. :)

I am actually working on a screenplay tentatively for the book Sabriel. It is my favorite and I’ve read it 12 times so I’m qualified to write a screenplay for it. ;)

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@erichw1504, you just made my soul smile.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’s what I’m here for.

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The Chronicles of GOR

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Not really. If I read the book why would I want to see a movie of it? The exact reason why I never have and never will see Gone With the Wind.

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I have lots of choices here but for this Q I’ll go with:

The Book Thief

The Help

@12Oaks has anyone every told you they find you to be extremely literal? Just askin’.

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@erichw1504The Thief of Always would be fantastic. I could see Gary Oldman (with some intense makeup) as a kickass Rictus.

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@SpatzieLover 24/7…. well, not really that often, but very often, yes.

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Time and Again by Jack Finney. It’s a terrific time travel novel about a man who goes back to 1880s New York City and it would make a wonderful movie.

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Proper remake of Loguns Run.

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@Seelix You hit the nail on the head with that one! Perfect choice.

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@SpatzieLover: Lurve for The Book Thief.

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@KatawaGrey that book seriously moved me..I read it years ago and still think of it. The Help is the same. My husband, not a book reader, could not put it down

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@erichw1504 I know about that, but it’s been stalled for years in preproduction.

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@KatawaGrey It’s so cool that you’re doing that. I love Sabriel because the world is scary and unique, and Sabriel is such a strong, sensible protagonist. I’d be first in line to see it as a movie.

I’d love to see The Silmarillion as a movie. No clue how that would be done, because the thing is a freaking behemoth. It would be like adapting the bible- in a way, it is just like a bible for Middle Earth. Maybe a few individual stories could be turned into movies.

The Book of Amber as a movie would also rock my socks. The characters are such snarky bastards, all plotting and backstabbing, but as the book goes on they start to show some heart. The mix of modern day, acid trip, and swords and sorcery would be so neat on screen. But that book (actually, technically ten books published as one) is another doorstop.

House of Leaves- can it even be done? If I were making that movie, I’d add another layer of meta by making it a movie about a book about a manuscript about a movie about a house.

Apparently an adaptation of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay has been in development for ten years… would love to see that, too.

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Could someone possibly nominate themselves spokesman and explain why, if you read the book, you would then watch a movie based on that very book. This just baffles.

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@12Oaks it could be the closest thing to what you imagined the worlds and characters be come to life…

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To all, as the one who posted the question now I find myself downloading the books you mentioned in my iPad-! Darn it…

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@12Oaks My book Time and Again is a very visual novel and I would love to see the old NYC locations recreated. I would also like to see what actors portrayed the characters although I often have problems with that..

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My roommate wants Ender’s Game to be made into a movie. He says he’s been waiting far too long for that to happen! he’s a little bitter about it…

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@erichw1504 I saw you answer From the Corner of His Eye and I smiled so big; I was going to mention that one, along with False Memory and Watchers. I adore Dean Koontz, and wish screenwriters would quit fucking up movies based on his novels (pardon the French).

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@12Oaks It completely baffles me as to how you homeschool without allowing your kids to read books then compare & contrast the authors words with the movie. I’m completely perplexed as to how your kids are learning. (Full sensory learning is best for children)

My son has been comparing and contrasting since he could speak sentences. (age 9mos)

We read only unedited books then, if there is a movie, documentary, BBC production or a local theater production, we watch it. Then, we compare & contrast. We discuss what we liked in one or the other better…on it goes.

For example, after I read all of The Chronicles Of Narnia, to him, then we listened to the audio book version to which my reading was compared to the English actors :( Then we watched the BBC version on TV. Then we watched all of the Disney movies. My son was making drawings and sets for months. Yes, he understood the reading…he fully comprehended the stories…but the movies brought them to life.

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One of my favorite books was made into a movie recently, though not by Hollywood.

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@SpatzieLover I think you’re a wonderful Mum and your son is really lucky to have you <hugs> You’ve opened a whole world for him of literature as well as movies and everything in between. Every child should be so lucky honey.
huggles xx

As to the question, well it’s not a book, it’s a play, and has been filmed many times I suppose, but it is the play that started my love of Shakespeare. Macbeth. Among favourite versions is this one, (Polanski’s from 1971). My favourite Lady Macbeth is the wonderful Judi Dench, who just made me cry for a woman who, on the page, does not inspire sympathy at all. I have this version on dvd and it is just amazing. Then, of course, there is the very recent BBC version starring Patrick Stewart which was incredible too.

So having said all that, what would make my feet dance, my heart sing and my head all but explode with happiness, would be to hear that Kenneth Branagh were to direct/star in his own version of Macbeth, with all of the skill, love and heart that he put into his Hamlet I could die a happy happy bunny :-)

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The sorts of movies I watch and books I read don’t have a tone of overlap. I’m a sucker for sci-fi and fantasy movies, but I mostly read not fiction and a little literature. That said I think the biography I’m reading now, Kingdom Under Glass, would make and amazing movie.

And the last novel epic free prose poem I really loved looks like it might be made into a movie.

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@SpatzieLover I have one kid. A girl. She’s five. Just thought you’d like to know, as you mentioned above about my kids, plural.

I would like to genuinely and sincerely thank you for the concern you have shown for the general welfare of her. Now, I’m not going to compare our teaching styles or play “I’m better because….” because I am sure you are a fine teacher to your kid, and he is very lucky to have someone like you willingly to make that kind of sacrifice for him. That is very honorable. I would like to kind of correct something, though, as you’re not the first on Fluther here to criticize based on what you read here and some assumption on your part. I’ll make this short, and with all due respect because I do believe you do have my kids best interests in mind.

My daughter has a full and challenging curriculum, and please don’t think she’s missing out on a single thing based on the fact that I will not post my whole syllabus on Fluther. I don’t expect your syllabus to be posted anytime soon, neither.

Peace. :-)

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@12Oaks To Clarify, You did ask this question above… Could someone possibly nominate themselves spokesman and explain why, if you read the book, you would then watch a movie based on that very book. This just baffles.

Then, I answered. As they say, If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Also, here in Fluther when responding off topic, whispering is considered polite.

We are completely open about our homeschooling curriculum. My son is in Core B of Sonlight, we use MathUSee, Handwritting Without Tears, Winter’s Promise and more

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I didn’t know about that whisper thing, thank you for informing. I did ask, and appreciate your response. I really do. I don’t appreciate you taking a shot at my kid. We do compare and contrast, just in different ways. Oh, I could take the heat, just keep me in the over, and not my daughter, please. I’m still new here at Fluther, so again thank you for informing me of the breech in etiquette. My, this is so small my old eyes has trouble reading it. LOL

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@12Oaks it wasn’t a “shot” at anything. I question the approach to your curriculum. I never take a “shot” at children

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The Candy Shop War, by Brandon Mull
The Things with Wings, by gregory J. Holch
Great children’s fantasy books

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I recently read this – it was a free download for my Kindle, and the whole way through I was thinking what an awesome movie it would make. It’s a contemporary supernatural thriller combining the Troubles of Northern Ireland with ancient Celtic mystery. (It’s apparently not free any more)

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I’d love to see Book of Shadows turned into a movie. But that’s not something Hollywood would ever touch. Would make an awesome movie though. The Black Castle would be interesting, too.

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I’d say American Gods by Neil Gaiman, but that’s probably more of a 13-episode series-type property.

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula written and directed by Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight and Inception.

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@aprilsimnel Rock on!

It would also be nice to see Good Omens or Death:The High Cost of Living finally make it to the big screen. Seems like they have been in development hell forever.
Then again, it might be a blessing given Hollywood’s penchant for transforming fantastic books into mediocre movies.

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@KatawaGrey that’s awesome!!!

Good luck with your script! (:

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@Raven_RisingGood Omens is the one book for which the idea of taking it to the big screen both excites me and terrifies me.

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@Raven_Rising Whoa! Just read Good Omens Wikipedia entry and sounds great for a movie!
Could someone like Tim Burton direct?

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I wouldn’t go with Tim Burton, personally, because I’d prefer someone darker. If Burton were to do it the way he did Sweeney Todd, that’d be good, but if he were to do it the way he did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, no thanks.

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Frankly, Good Omens would be the sort of film where Terry Gilliam would excel. When he does other people’s stories, he’s brilliant. His own stories, OTOH, meander when they should’ve ended an hour earlier. He needs the structure of an already finished script/work. It’s too bad that he’s considered so unreliable now that his option on Good Omens lapsed and any film he makes needs 50 European backers anyway.

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@Seelix Tim Burton my guess, has still more room to mature, be darker in his craft if he chooses to. I like him but I feel he could be too predictable at times. My personal favorite was his work on Sleepy Hollow. Or was it just Depp who made that all happened?

@aprilsimnel My goodness, yes, whatever is Terry G. up to now, that mad, macabre, brilliant mind who gave us Brazil? I have not read Good Omens so I have no opinion of Guilliam for it. After that last film with Jeff Bridges, he may need more than 50 European backers!

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@Seelix Me too. I think it could be a fantastic movie or a spectacular failure. I think you are entirely correct about Burton. I don’t think Burton would be up to the task, as much as I enjoy his work.
As @aprilsimnel and @mazingerz88 have suggested, Gilliam might be a good choice although his last movie has caused me to rethink his suitability for this project. However, I think Del Toro could be a wonderful selection as well.

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@Raven_Rising oh yeah del toro is the man if you say he could. Like I said I haven’t read the book but del toro as director always excites me. I hope he gets the right projects because if not it’s going to be a waste of his time and risky for his career. Too bad that hobbit gig did not push through.

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