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What versatile and classic designer pieces should I own?

Asked by nikkiduq (551points) March 26th, 2011

You know, pieces that doesn’t get out of style, or if it does, it takes a long time before it goes out of style. I want to spend wisely when it comes to designer stuffs. So, what are your suggestions?

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Trench coat
Wrap dress
Classic pumps
White dress shirt

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Black trousers
Black Skirt
Cashmere jumper

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A navy blue, black or khaki blazer
Pea coat

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A little black dress
Black/navy/grey pencil skirt

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I second the black dress, really good fabric. You can dress it up, down, around. @janbb I’ve wanted a pea coat for 30 years.

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White oxford shirt
Black kitten heels for when you need nice shoes, but cannot deal with 3” pumps.
Silk shell in a couple of different colours, depending on your skin tone.
Sweater dress

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thanks a lot for your answers :D we all should have that little black dress. <3

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