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What's the funniest thing you've seen on a product label?

Asked by wildflower (11157points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Earlier today I remembered the utterly ridiculous “cape does not enable wearer to fly” that appeared on a Batman costume. What are the funniest ones you’ve ever seen?

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keep away from chidren;on a bottle of baby lotion

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warning, may contain nuts; on a pack of peanuts

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do not turn upsidedown;on the BOTTOM of a dessert

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kills all kinds of insects!Warning harmful to bees

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I love the Vitamin Water labels! They’re a crack up! Too long to mention in detail here, though!

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Babo have link perhaps?

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Babo look!

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warning may kill at anytime without warning even when operating correctly. On a SCUBA rebreather thingy

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from oddee stupidest warning labels (which are all pretty funny) but this one is the best.

I haven’t seen them in person though… yet.

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“Now made with 100% elephant dung!” – paper shop in Thailand

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not intended for smoking. On a water bong I had in college.

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On the Southwest Airline bag of peanuts: “Produced in a facility that processes nuts” or something like that. I know it can be a serious allergy, but this particular label always cracks me up. I know they have to put something there, but wouldn’t simply contains peanuts work?

I’ve pointed this out to many SWA flight attendants and none of them (so far) have been aware of the label.

I also just bought a rubber band ball from Staples and on the label it states:
Rubber bands may be used for a wide variety of uses.

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this might seem a tad recist, but it cracks me up. i was in a dollar store with friends, one of which is chinese and soemone showed her a toy that said: “do not eat” and right underneath that in bigger writing it said “made in china”.

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My ex worked at a salon that carried a hair product called Fiber Grease. It’s from Japan and is like 35 bucks. The translations are hilarious.
For example: ‘Special Making!’ or ‘Water Type’

I remember there being more that you can’t see in the picture.

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hahaha…..a bit like Engrish

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Holy shit, what a site!

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its pretty cool :)

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Note that this particular urban legend is “true”. The bag label really does say “We are sorry our president is an idiot. We did not vote for him.”

Company is in Seattle, tag is in French. I own one, so can confirm!

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I want one!!

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I liked the potato chips that were out for a while that said, on the front of the bag, “May cause ANAL LEAKAGE”

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After a bit of digging around with this latest obsession of mine, I’ve found a few pretty funny bits and bobs…..
Funny article…and a rather amuzing website
Wacky Warnings
Power of Attorney
And the classics:
Darwin Awards

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Keep out of children on a knife…

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