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Replacement windows do they save money on energy?

Asked by John7447 (57points) April 18th, 2008
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Depends on what you’re going from and to. If you have a single pane glass window and are upgrading with double pane insulated with a gas like argon, you’re going to be saving money on heating your home in the winter, as well as keeping it cool in the summer.

That being said, remember windows aren’t the only ‘leaks’ of heat in your house. Check your door seals and skylights and any other structural elements that may cause a draft, because you may just end up negating the benefits of your expensive window replacement by not ensuring your entire home is tight.

You may want to check around in your area to see if anyone has some form of thermoscope that’ll allow you to see the cold spots, since they may occur behind walls and such as well!

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Dual pane windows keep heat/AC in more so you save money by not turning it on as often or as high.

(Did this make sense? If not, I can try to word it better.)

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Double glazed windows made a very noticeable difference to the heating bill at our old house. Mostly because the climate control was only needing to turn the heating on two thirds of the time it was before (we usually keep it about 20 to 22 degrees celsius).

When we originally moved in, there were only single glazed windows. We replaced them after the first quarterly bill came.

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Dual pane or triple pane…Plus “Low ‘E’ coating”....

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