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Where can i get a bearskin rug with the head still intact?

Asked by buster (10239points) April 18th, 2008

If i had a cabin i would put one in it. Im not about to go traipsing around like Goldilocks looking for a live one to use though.

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Ebay? Here is one on CraigsList.

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That would depend on where you live. Look up some of your local taxidermists and ask them. I would otherwise try a regular or antique flea market. Taxidermy on Ebay is ridiculously expensive these days.
I saw one in a junk store in Brooklyn for $120 a few months ago and I’m pissed I didn’t buy it. They can go for a lot.
Of course, you can always buy the bear head form and make something yourself with faux fur. It will still look cool and not piss off your vegan friends.

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peedub: Why don’t you rent out the snazzy bear head I see you sporting in your picture? ;-]

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Haha, that thing never comes off.

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Be a man and go kill one yourself


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yep. You should book a trip to Alaska, kill a bear and then you would really have a conversation piece.

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Or, we might have something to talk about, if the bear ends up w. a Buster rug, head and all.

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