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Help me, Please....Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get soda smell out of car carpet?

Asked by kellylet (858points) September 17th, 2010

I spilled soda on my boyfriend’s car carpet on Wed and he is ready to kill me! Can anyone please help me get rid of the smell? I didn’t realize it would smell this bad (mildewy- eww!)

Thanks for your help.

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Spray it with some water and then sprinkle a generous amount of bicarb of soda all over it and let it stand for a few hours (until it dries) then vacuum up. Maybe that will help to absorb it.

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You can also try pet deoderizers. Nature’s Miracle gets the best reviews, but I’ve found that Complete by Target (or at Target…?) does just as much for about ⅓ the cost.

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For smell I would try the baking soda as @NaturallyMe has advised. It is a great absorbent material.

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First, it’s vital to get all of the sugars and solids out. So the absolute first thing to do would be a repetitive soaking with clean water (simple tap water), and blotting out with a sponge. The more times you do that, the more sugars and flavors you’ll be picking up each time. You have to remove the sugars, flavoring agents and any pulp or other solids that will provide a growth medium for mold, mildew and bacteria. That should all be done on day one.

Then make sure it dries properly. You may need to add heat, ventilation or both. You may need to find a way to raise carpet slightly from the floor (for example) to allow both carpet and metal floor to dry.

If there’s still odor, then it’s possible that the first rinsing step wasn’t effective enough. (If you own a pet who ever messes on carpet, then you’ll know how important it is to soak and blot, soak and blot, soak and blot to get everything up and out that can be gotten out.) But if you think that was done well and effectively, then try a raw potato cut in half and left on a plate (cut side up) for a day or two. (No longer, because a rotten potato smell isn’t a good mask for much of anything.)

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