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How can I wire a doubled up Potentiometer to cut two different frequencies?

Asked by Axemusica (9500points) March 28th, 2011

Here’s my setup:

2 Humbuckers, 1 volume, 1 tone.

Now what I want to do is make it so the Tone pot is zeroed at 5. 5 being the middle between all the way clockwise & counter. I want to cut treble one direction and bass the other from the detent. Also, I’m not familiar with which values of capacitors cut which frequencies.

I plan to have the volume pot be at least a 500k pot. Does that mean that one half of the doubled up pot would need to be at least 1 meg and the other 500k?

Wiring a guitar is not foreign to me, but tweaking tones using caps, resistors & potentiometers with different values are.

I doubt anyone on fluther would be able to help with this, but I thought I’d at least ask since I really can’t grasp the concept via google.

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Not quite sure I understand (and even if I do, not sure I can help, but I’ll try).

Are you saying that you want to re-purpose your tone knob to be a balance knob between the two pickups rather than the traditional frequency filter, or are you saying you want your tone knob to basically be a band pass filter (for pickups wired in parallel) that will widen on the treble side above 5 and widen on the base side below 5?

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@YoBob The latter. Think of the pickup blender you mentioned, but replace the bridge and neck pickups with bass and treble, or lows and highs. I think I figured it out though with this diagram. Detent* = pickup(s) at normal signal.

* Detent being 5, or middle position of the knob

I recently got some more parts today after reading, or studying I should say, all about how this knob worked. Today I wired it, not exactly to the diagram, but like it. The only difference was, I didn’t use whatever value resistor that is. Granted the cap and split shaft pot aren’t displaying value either, but I used: 500k Dual split Shaft potentiometer, 82.7K resistor and .047μF cap, (tone).

Long story short I answered my own question after the wiring I did today, but was displeased with the turn out of my work. I wired it all correct. The knob works exactly how I wanted it & it’s plenty good tone, but after all new wires, pots, a jack and a switch…. I’ve come to the conclusion that the pickups are bad. So all this wiring was for not. Well, almost. Now I can start creating a Frankenstein, lol.

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