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What is an easy inspirational craft Idea for Mothers Day for children?

Asked by wifeysays (163points) March 30th, 2011

May 8th 2011 is Mothers day – Just thinking ahead for Sunday School, What is an easy inspirational craft for 40 children? I was thinking paint with hand print, any other ideas to add on?

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I love the hand print idea. You can add to that by cutting out the hand print, attach it to fuzzy pipe cleaner with glue, and stick the pipe cleaner into a small Styrofoam ball inside a small flower pot. If you have time let the children paint the flower pot too.

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thanks @jonsblond I need any ideas I can get because I can still use all ideas in the future. I still have Easter crafts to do.

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You could also include one of these handprint poems.

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Love it! There are so many different ages and teachers that can use this website thank you @augustlan Going to pass this on as well. And how in the world did you do that -> handprint poems to click and directly got to the website. Whoa!

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@wifeysays (I haven’t figured out the cool website linking thing yet either. I always copy and paste the link.) I love the idea of taking small terracotta pots and helping the kids put their hand prints on the outside of the pots. Then you can help them put soil and plant seeds or a bulb in the pot with a poem to give for Mother’s Day, Easter or any day really. You can get the materials at a fairly reasonable rate and don’t forget to explain what you are doing and to ask for a discount. Especially if it is a locally owned business where you buy your supplies. Have fun. @augustlan the website is great.

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A cast plaster hand print is a keepsake. Take a sheet of tinfoil and have the kids make a heart shaped “pan” about ½” deep…pour in the plaster and let them make their hand prints and write what they want.

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The best Mother’s Day “craft” I ever did was in second grade. My teacher had each of us write a poem where every other line said “I love you, Mom, because” and the other lines said something that we came up with. We brainstormed a little bit as a class, and then the teacher had us write a rough draft. After she checked it for spelling, she gave us a sheet of lined stationary and had us copy our poems onto the stationary in pen with our very best handwriting. Our stationary said “Happy Mother’s Day” at the top, but if you wanted, you could make it with a verse or quote. My mom cried when I gave this to her. She had it framed and still has it hanging in her house years later.

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Hi @wifeysays

I’m in the same boat as you—looking for Sunday School crafts constantly.
Here are a few I’ve done in Mother’s Day past..
1. Mother Day Coupons w/ holder:
At craft store or home DIY type store—look for tile pieces (plain white, diamond or square shaped) then find a photo clip type piece to hot glue on the back.
Kids can use paint or markers (in our case we had each kid bring a small picture from home-like a school picture if they had it—and used shellac to fix it onto the front of the tile permanently) to decorate the tile and create “coupons” (“I will not fight w/ my sister” or “I will take the garbage out for you”) for mom on note cards. The note cards go in the “pinchers” of the photo holder.

2. “Flower Bouquet” for mom
Made tissue paper flowers with long green fuzzy pipe cleaners as stems (and the folds of the tissue paper in pastels to look like flowers).
Kids decorated a construction paper sheet (any color) and wrote their names on them—then we stapled the construction paper into a cone shape and put the “flowers” inside the construction paper cone.

3. (drink) Coaster + gift bag
We used lids to Mason Jars and filled it with quick dry plaster and mosaic pieces (and bags of “gems” from the craft store and beads with letters)
Week 1: Make the coasters (see link for step by step)’ll need to let them dry until next Sunday.
Week 2: Kids decorated (colored and wrote on) plain paper gift bags with handles and placed their drink coaster in the bag.

And a couple I found on the web that might be fun:

Paper Towel bracelets for mom (cuter than it sounds – and easy for all ages)
You’d need buttons, construction paper, perhaps some ribbons or sequins to glue on. You’d have to help the littlest kids with the cutting and pasting a bit.

See also all these great ideas a Family Fun (Mother’s Day crafts)

And another craft idea w/ handprints

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We make hand-prints every year. The children love making them. The moms, aunts and grandmas LOVE receiving them.

We do footprints for dad’s day with a poem, too…Adorable!

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@SpatzieLover, I like that. Very cute.

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@bkcunningham the men in my son’s life have all cherished the feet they’ve gotten :) one framed his above his desk

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You didn’t say the age of the kids so really hard to answer. One thing that is a great gift for mom is anything made out of stuff she gave you or things she will remember like cloth from an old piece of either hers or the child’s clothing or pajamas or tablecloth that was often used for family meals. .

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Children ages from 5 thru 13

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I can not even explain how greatful I am, this is more than I ask for, seariosly I love fluther especially my new jellie friends.

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