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Can you suggest name ideas for a jewelry store?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) September 28th, 2011

I’m going to start an online jewelry store and I can’t for the life of me come up with something catchy to call it. It needs to be fairly easy to spell so people can search it easily, and I don’t want it to involve “Mariah” at all as that isn’t my real name.

My jewelry style could be described as funky, modern, and over the top – I know not minimalism :). The crux of most of my designs is wire work, usually copper or silver colored. If seeing photos of any of my designs would help, I have a link in my profile to my flickr page.

Thanks jelly friends!

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Body Conduit

Or just Conduit.

Designs By Mariah

Good luck honey, I’m looking to do something similar someday when I get off my duff with a specific theme.

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Wired and Stoned

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What can I say? I’m a child of the 60s and 70s.

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OP said I don’t want it to involve “Mariah” at all as that isn’t my real name.

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It’s too bad we have to avoid the “Mariah” name, because you could have a whole “Paint Your Wagon” thing going on: They Call the Wind Mariah.

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Get Your Rocks On

The Wandering Jeweler

The Beaded Lady

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^^Well said.

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Baroque Renaissance? ‘Rebirth of elaborate design?’ See how many people have studied their history!

If you’re feeling geeky you could set yourself up as Rebel Stones (or New Republic Jewelry) opposite Empire Diamond.

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your name’s jewelry box?

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Gem stones, gem stones, dem dry stones! XD

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Down to the Wire

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My box of sparkly things

Gem by wire.


Industrial gemology.

Industrial jewelry

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I like a lot of these suggestions!! I’ve got some thinking to do. Thanks guys.

Also, overnight my brain hatched this idea: Maximalism. As in the made-up opposite of minimalism. Only problem is I don’t trust people to be able to spell that.

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Bling It On!

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I think that the average person could manage ‘Maximalism.’ It’s all about link-following these days anyhow.

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Bunch O’ Wires
Meanderings or Meandering

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The Family Jewels

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Wired and Adorned

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__your name’s__ Shiny Rock Collection

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Funk’s Not Bead
Funk’s Not Dead
Flesh Charms
Wired Charms
Mine My Wires

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Gauge & Plier

Did you end up opening your shop?
If so, what did you end up naming it?

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