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How do I make kiwi infused vodka?

Asked by owenburnett (183points) March 31st, 2011

…or is it vodka infused kiwi? Anyway, I had kiwi flavored vodka at a bar in NYC a few weeks ago and I wanted to make the same thing. They were really good. They had kiwi slices and vodka in a gallon container, but I forgot to ask if they added anything else to it and how long they kept the mixture sitting there before serving it. So, I have a dozen kiwi and two 750 ml bottles of vodka. Do I add anything else to this, like sugar? Do I need to add more kiwi? How long do I let this mixture sit there before I can serve it? What is your recipe?

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If i were attempting this I would probably mash the kiwi to pulp with some sugar let it soak in the vodka over night in the fridge. If its still not strong enough let it soak a bit longer. Then when you’re ready to drink it, just strain it out.

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I do this with strawberries. I slice the berries, put them in a large jar with a little sugar, poor in the vodka and let it steep for 6 months. I don’t use a recipe or anything. I usually fill the jar with berries and poor in the vodka, so you are left with about half the jar full of vodka when you strain off the berries.

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People in the south call this hooch or moonshine even when they haven’t made the liquor themselves

What they do is put the liquor in a wide mouth jar. Put in whole fruit. Put in sugar (to taste). Put it in the freezer and let it sit for a month.

If you want this pronto, then both suggestions above are great.

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is that what moonshine is? i had no idea. how much sugar do i put? i have 1.5 liters of vodka and a dozen kiwi- is that enough? i was planning on just letting it sit for about a month- would that be good enough? do i need to replace the fruit at any time?

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Actual moonshine is liquor made by one’s self…but a lot of people down south refer to their doctored store bought liquor as moonshine.

For the amount you mentioned, I’d try to add it in ¼ cup increments. If you can…make simple syrup and add that to the mix instead of granules. If you don’t want to make the syrup, your local liquor store will have it cheap ($6–8 a bottle…possibly less)

Again, I wouldn’t add too much sugar. Just add it to your liking. (so keep testing ;)

You shouldn’t need to replace the fruit as the liquor should preserve it nicely. :) Test it out in a couple of weeks and let us know how it tastes.

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Take a look at The Food Network’s Giada’s page. She had a recipe for lemon infused vodka. You could substitute the kiwi for the lemon in her recipe. Delish.

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you see its all about the sledge hammer..

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FYI, this was a smashing success- the vodka tasted wonderful and it’s good enough to drink straight without having to to mix it with soda or tonic water- ice was all I needed- the kiwi fruit soaked up a lot of alcohol- I’ll be putting them in Jello for shots- thanks, everyone!

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Whoo-Hoo @owenburnett! Glad you stopped back to update us!

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