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Can you sum up the weather where you live in just five words?

Asked by erichw1504 (26433points) March 31st, 2011

Ah, the weather. Always a hot topic anywhere you go.

Hate it or love it, can you sum up the weather in your area with just five words? Give it some thought, creativity, and meaning. Let us know what to expect if we ever pass by.

Name the town, city, state, whatever then give a summary in five words.

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Southwestern Illinois: tornado warning once a week…

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NE Ohio : erratic, extreme, and always humid.

@erichw1504 no lie, that is exactly what I was going to say.

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It is 35 where I live.

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Hopefully you’ll let contractions count as one word:
Central Ohio- don’t like weather? It’ll change!

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Kyushu, Japan: summers are humid; winters dry.

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Chicagoland. Unseasonably cool this past decade.

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Cranston, Rhode Island. The most bipolar weather ever.

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@GracieT I love that, we say that all the time around here. So true.

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Holy crap! That’s a list and a half of topics!

I’m about to move to Montana. There, it’s: often cold but always unpredictable.

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@EVERYONE, just to let you know it can be a summarization of your current weather or how it generally is year round.

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@bobbinhood That’s how I roll.

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Wet season, dry season yearly.

San Francisco Bay Area.

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Spring, Summer, Fall, WINTER WINTER

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N Carolina: cold, chilly, wet, confused!

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@thorninmud Yeah, your city’s name has been dropped quite a few times on the Weather Channel this past Winter.

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South Western Ontario. Snow snow, more snow

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Yorkshire, England: Grey, damp, occasional bright spells.

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Spring flowers, rain and cold.

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Baltimore, Maryland: often damp—rain, snow, humidity.

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Freezes balls off brass monkeys.

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East Texas: boiling summer winter spring summer.

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New England: Why won’t the snow stop?

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Eastern North Carolina—Too dry then too wet.

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San Francisco

Sunny, early morning coastal fog.

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Rain, rain, more bloody rain!

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Central Scotland Rain, sun, rain, wind, rain

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Northern Ontario: Snow for 6 months. Yup.

Toronto: This isn’t real winter. Wimps.

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@Seelix try comming down to aylmer our school were closed for 4 day bc of that big storm we got a while ago :D

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SE Wisconsin:
Everyday can be any season.
it can literally be 32, go up to 80 and drop to 40. we keep jackets in our car

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@Jay484 – Oh, for sure, there’s snow in Southern Ontario, just not in downtown TO. I’m right smack in the middle of downtown, and it’s honestly hilarious to watch the Bay Street people freak out about walking in 2 cm of snow on the sidewalk :)

This Sudbury girl is no slouch when it comes to real winter!

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@Seelix lol that would be funny to see. its just last week i got fed up with the snow when it was 12 dregees out and i woke up the next moring with snow on the ground! i was pissed

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Central New Jersey:

Not as bad as elsewhere.

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Right now, it really sucks.

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“Los Angeles. Sunny. Seventy two.” If you can name that quote I will give you lurve.

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Bay Area (specifically the western area):
Warm summers, rainy winters. Temperate.

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Nope. Think a few years earlier

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South Carolina: Our weather is very… indifferent.

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It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

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@tinyfaery We Built This City by Starship.

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Nope. It’s a movie.

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Upstate NY: Weather is too damn cold!

(When saying that, picture the guy from the “Rent is too damn high!” political party.)

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@tinyfaery L.A. Story

If it’s not that, I know I’ve seen it

Wait, It has to be!!!

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@SpatzieLover for the win. I LOVE that movie.

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@Dr_Dredd I love the “Rent is Too Damn High” guy!

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@tinyfaery So do I…it took me a while to remember which of my fav comedic actors performed as a weatherman ;)

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Fancy name for hell’s gateway.

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Chilly, but, from my window, I can see the sun setting over the river.

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Concord, California Spring is finally fucking here.

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Beautiful, idyllic, mostly reliable, boring.

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Cold, damp, lousy, not like Spring.

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lol. Obviously, I didn’t read the question thoroughly.

Chilly, bring on the sexytime.

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Now it is:
cool, cloudy, overcast, normal Springtime

Eastern Washington

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4 seasons. unpredictable. extreme. continental.
Southwestern Ontario

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Like you @Jude, I didn’t read the question properly either.

Queensland, Idyllic, two seasons, bit boring.

(possibly only boring to me because I miss @Meego‘s four seasons).

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“Northern Ontario: Snow for 6 months.”

Is that usually from about early November to early May?

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Los Angeles, CA: Mild “winters” and incendiary summers!

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Sydney Australia- “Best weather in the world”

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Washington, DC: “wintry mix,” ninety percent humidity

Or as a haiku:
Snowmageddon, nine hours in traffic
Cherry blossom tourists, fanny packs and jorts
Wilting heat, bus lacks AC

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Snow, snow, snow, mud, skeeters. or
Blink! Was that just summer?

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Frequent Participation.

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Cold, warm, HOT, rain, snow. The whole shebang!

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West of London, East of Wales: Wet, damp usually. But a great and gorgeous spring this year. Daffys are blooming, crop circles are forming, rape fields are ablaze in yellow, all’s right with the world. :)

Rape Field (not my photos, by the way): link
Crop Circle 2011:link

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Gorgeous, I love our springs here, by summers can get blazing hot.
Should I say ‘bloody’ hot. haha

I used to tell my ex-husband who had a receding hairline that his crop circle was widening. lol
Nice nights though. :-)

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Hmmm is that crop circle a sign of an up and coming biohazard? Or a really cute bear? Great now were fcuked either way! A series of unfortunate events unfolds 

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@Coloma….LOL! Thanks for the giggle for the day…!

@Meego,...Well I’ll just say this…a bit of preparation is always a good thing. Look at the people of Joplin, totally blindsided. They may not have been able to prevent what happened, but some emergency supplies on hand are always good to have. I’ve been through some natural disasters and so I’ve learned the heard way.

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Today it is HOT!

98 predicted.

The nights have been awesome though, the summer star gazing is just awesome up here! :-)

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Aurora, CO: If it’s not good, wait.

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Not satisfied? Wait five minutes.

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