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What are some good politically based debate topics?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 31st, 2011

My friend and I are both on the debate team at our universities. We are also majoring in political science and international affairs. We need more topics to debate about! Ideas?

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Resolved: The Department of Education should be abolished in lieu of increased local control over school curricula.

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Resolved: The War Powers Act should be repealed and every U.S. military action should receive approval from Congress.

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Resolved: The Territory of Puerto Rico should be allowed statehood.

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Resolved: The United States has too much/not enough influence in international affairs.

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Resolved: Parents should be allowed choice in what public schools their children should go to.

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Resolved: The Guantonamo (sp?) Bay prison is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Okay, that’s enough by me. Going to bed now—sorry for the multiple posts.

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For some more good ideas, check out Intelligence Squared.

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Go on, take on the truth of the Arab–Israeli conflict.
Or world media and propaganda, I’m sure you smart kids can issue a question as to why so many different mediums (CNN,BBC,RT,Al Jazeera) can express different views and which if any tells the truth.
OMG even better, a debate on truth?

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Hi @KatetheGreat. Along with the Intelligence Squared idea suggested by @crisw there is a program here called Big Ideas. Here is the website, you can browse all the topics.

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Risk assessment of nuclear power.

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That Big Ideas program looks great- added to my podcast feed!

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Why there is plenty of money to continue 3 wars, but there is not enough money to provide adquate health care to all American citizens.

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It is @crisw. Glad you like it. I love the Intelligence Squared debates too.

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