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Does the former President of the United States of America have something on Republican politicians?

Asked by rebbel (35525points) February 4th, 2022

Has he something that he can blackmail them with?
Or were they already afflicted with Trump’s ideas, but until he was chosen, were too afraid to express those ideas?
I’m asking because I just read that the Republican party has announced they ban the two Republican members of the committee that researches the January 6th happenings.
Because “they are helping a, Democrats lead prosecution” of “citizens that executed a legitimate political debate” (my own, translated, words).
Is there something that I, as a non-American, fail to grasp?

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They don’t want him attacking them.

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Trump would trash them in a heart beat and make sure to replace them with his lackeys !

Or bootlickers . . . . the more cash you send him the more likely you’ll get the position.

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It’s a sickness. We all saw what happened.

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I think he threatens them. Look at Mitch Mcconnell, senator from KY. He initially denounced the Jan 6 insurrection saying: McConnell also told associates he thought Trump perpetrated impeachable offenses and saw the moment as a chance to distance the GOP from the damage the tumultuous Trump could inflict on it, a Republican strategist told The Associated Press at the time, speaking of Jan 6. Then Mcconnell was invited to Maralargo, trumps castle in Florida, and when he came back, he stepped it all back and said he would not be in favor of impeaching trump. I feel like trump gets people down there and has a lot of things to show them that he can blackmail them on. This is my opinion only.

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I think “Moscow Mitch” had a visit (or one of his relatives) from the Oath Keepers or Proud Boys “re-instructing him”, not to support the Democrats. His wife probably “shit in her pants” when she answered the door.

Bet ya that was it ! ! !

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Can you access The Atlantic and read an article? This one (“Trump Is Obsessed With Being a Loser”) explains quite a lot. A quote:

As Shane Goldmacher and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times put it, “the Republican Party is very much still Mr. Trump’s, transforming his lies about a stolen 2020 election into an article of faith, and even a litmus test that he is seeking to impose on the 2022 primaries with the candidates he backs. He is the party’s most coveted endorser, its top fund-raiser and the polling front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination.”

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Thank you, @Jeruba, reading it as I type :-)

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