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What should I name my etsy store?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5521points) April 2nd, 2011

I am soon opening a store that will sell crocheted items. Mostly hats, but also wrist warmers, bong cozies and bong sleeves. what should I name it? Bong can’t be in the name. thanks :)

Variations of FluffyChicken welcomed.

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The Crochet Chick
Crochet Chic
Urban Crochet
4:20 Ply

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Chicken Fluff.

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hmm I like 4:20 ply.

how does CroChicken sound?

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Name it Etsy store, that way your store will come up when people google Etsy.

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oh that’s cheating! haha

also, etsy won’t let you use etsy in your name, I’m pretty sure

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Cluckie You

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If you’re planning to sell mainly hats with the pot-related stuff being just a side thing, I’d suggest you don’t put 420 in your name. I’m not a pot smoker, so I wouldn’t look at a store with a pot-related name, even though I might like your hats.

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That is an excellent point! thank you.

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Good Head Stuff
Stuff Heads Love
Keeping It Warm

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oooh! I love the head thing because that could go both ways

what do y’all think of Head Goodies?

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How about 420 FluffyHead? :D

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bwhahahahaha! that’s hilarious. I think I’d leave off the 420 thing though, as @Seelix suggested.

So Far I like

Stuff Heads Love (or maybe just Head Love)
Head Goodies

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And your lurve just reached 420! HAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

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a kind mod even screen capped it for me. woohoo! I figured it would take far longer than that.

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I’ve decided to go with ForYourHead. Super thanks to @6rant6

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Set up two distinct stores one for the ‘innocent’ stuff and one for the 420 stuff. Next best answer I think is from FluffyChicken : “ForYourHead”

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Head Love.. Keep’n Warm is a good’n. That’s because you don’t just make hats.

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Chick lint

Chick’n belly fluff

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too late @GabrielsLamb it’s ForYourHead :)

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