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What businesses have you heard of lately that are "printing money"?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) August 30th, 2010

We all hear the phrase from time to time—“Oh they’re printing money”—to describe a business that’s growing by leaps and bounds. What are some you’ve come across lately that can be described this way?

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Businesses who make weapons and ordinance for the military.

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Bankers, lawyers, accountants, stock brokers. talk radio show hosts and funeral directors.

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All the oil companies are still on a roll.

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A lot of the tech industry has seen pretty incredible turn arounds in the past year.

Comparative to how they were doing the auto industry.

Solar and alternative energy companies have been growing exponentially for most of the last decade. First Solar (one of the worlds leading solar power companies) is based near my home town. A buddy of mines mom got stock as part of her pay for working there when it was worth like 10 bucks a share probably back around the turn of the millennium.

When it hit around 450 a share a few years ago she retired.

Its back down in the mid/low 100’s range now, but thats still pretty impressive.

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I own a very small custom printing company. And every print produced may as well be a dollar bill, for that’s what you’ll pay me to run it. I like to think however, that my prints will gain in value over time, because they are museum grade giclee pigments meant for art collectors.

BTW… one of the printers I own is the most desired counterfeit machine in the world. I’ve heard that the FBI has confiscated hundreds of them that were used for bad intentions. It has a safety device on it that recognizes money being printed. When it senses a match for currency, it lays red stripes one the print. Even worse (or better), is that the machine does not reset itself until an authorized service technician pays me a visit. That technician is required by law to report the incident to the FBI. I’m sure they’d pay me a visit too.

A clever hacker (from what I hear) can bypass the recognition feature.

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The Mint

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