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How much of the 107 Billion dollars that goes into churches every year actually makes it to charities?

Asked by jakecampfire (10points) April 2nd, 2011

If you truthfully believe in helping. do the world the favor and cut out the middle man. a lot of your money is being used on keeping the church alive. if actually donating is what you want. save your money, and donate to the charity that suits you best. why else would they ask you to bring guests?

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Who said the money you give to churches goes to charities? Are you talking about tithing? That’s when the collection plate is passed around, and people give the church money for whatever reasons help them sleep at night.

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I don’t see the pope with much bling… what else could the churches be spending the money on?

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So you start with a question and end with a rant? Are you looking for answers or just soapboxing?

And I’m no fan of organized religion.

But c’mon, this is not a good faith question.

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107 Billion of it does. Church’s are charities. They are charities that help other charities, but they themselves are charities.

I do wonder, though, how much of the entry cost and pledges given to those 60 mile breast cander walks actually goes directly towards the research of breast cancer. Less than 10%, I would bet.

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Most people who give through churches do so to build up the church.

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@jakecampfire why don’t you start by telling us what you do for charities. @cprevite that is the best response I have heard for a question like this.

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You give to a church because it IS the charity.
To answer your question (if there really is one) most churches try to practice what they preach and give 10% to missions. You can ask your church to see a copy of their budget to find out.
Most people who give to churches give because they love the Church and they want to help pay the mortgage, the utility bills, the staff salaries and the like. They are not deceived into thinking they are giving to the poor when they’re giving to the church.

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One of those memorable Fluther question moments. Sorry, but think about it for a minute befoe you ask a question please.

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You can check out most large charities at

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I never thought church offerings were destined for charities. No one ever led me to believe so. There must be a salary for the pastor, the building must be maintained, there must be money for bills such as utilities, there must be hymnals and other books, there’s an organist to pay, a janitor, and so on. Some also maintain charitable outlets such as clothing distribution centers and charity kitchens.

I would hope that the money given to the church is used by the church to keep it functional, free of debt, and free of obligations to any sources that might wish to influence its course of action.

Special collections made for a particular purpose ought to go entirely to that purpose.

I am an atheist myself and no fan of churches as purveyors of religion, despite my overchurched past, but I think they can and do play a valuable social role and do not believe that they routinely deceive people about the use of tithe offerings.

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