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Should I use my auto insurance to pay for this?

Asked by nmguy (528points) April 3rd, 2011

I recently dented my car and got an estimate of $650 for repairs. Would I be better off paying for the repairs out of pocket or going through AAA?

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Depends on your deductible and how many other claims you’ve have, the value of your vehicle. So it wasn’t a ticketed accident, just a ding you put on your car yourself?

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Your insurance will go up when you make a claim against it. If the dent was only with yourself and nothing else is being reported then I would just pay for it out of pocket rather than have my premium go up for the years to come just for that one small claim

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I have been asked this same question many times as a police officer answering a property damage accident.

My answer to most of the questions was… your auto insurance for something major.

If you damaged your vehicle, you should pay for this yourself.

By filing a minor claim, gives your auto insurance a reason to hike your insurance rate.

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Another consideration is your net out of pocket expense.

E.g., if your deductible is $500, then you’d only be saving yourself $150 of OOP expenses if you filed a claim with your insurer. When you compare the $150 against how much you’d be paying in future surcharges, then it’s probably better to not even notify your insurer and just have it repaired on your own.

If you damaged someone else’s property when you dented your car, then that’s another thing to consider, depending on whether you have to reimburse the other party for their damages.

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Don’t just take the first estimate, either. Ask around and see where other people get work done.

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Sometimes body shops will bargain with you. I wouldn’t bother with the hassle of filing a claim for this small amount of money.

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