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What is my teacher asking me to write about? - info inside?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) April 4th, 2011

My English teacher has told us that we need to write short stories about 150 words. The titles are :
Alternative Medicines
Sports and Nationalities

I do know what these words mean but the part that I don’t understand is how I should write a short story or something with about 150 words.

Please help me because I have to finish them for tomorrow…

thanks in adance.

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Get funky. Go outside what is expected. They are short stories so make up crazy shit. And a 150 words is hard to work with.

Alternative Medicines – Short story about a rich guy that believes cannibalism will cure his cancer so he hunts someone.

Sports and Nationalities – A guy that wants to be a professional bowler in the united states but has a hard time with it since he Muslim and doesn’t drink.

Find something fun to write about and you will be done in a few minutes.

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Okay, a short story has a beginning, middle and end. It has to be wrapped up and finished within the word limit and something must happen or change during that time. It has to feel complete when the story gets to the end.

I found you a website that goes through the essential components in a story. Plot, characters, setting and theme. Even though you only have 150 words, your story needs to be set somewhere, perhaps in the acupuncturist’s office/Chinese medicine store… it should have a theme…perhaps that alternative medicines can have some strange outcomes (eats pig ears and his ears grow) ... you need characters (the acupuncturist and the patient) and you need plot…what happens, in what order and what is the outcome.

It is going to be hard in 150 words I agree. Why not do a bit of mind mapping to start with. Think about each of the themes and let your mind run free, just write down everything you can think of. Then see if you can use any of the things you thought of by connecting them together. I agree with @math_nerd, be out there. You have to make an impact in barely any words.

Hope this helps a little!! Have fun with it. That is always going to help you get a better result.

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Well I have read you guys’ suggestions… are you saying that I should just come up with a story… lets say maybe oh ” a man used drugs because he thought that it would help him with having longer hair and perfect skin” ? hahaha it sounds kinda stupid after reading it.

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I think you need to go with the absurd. You only have 150 words and as you just said, what you just described doesn’t sound funny or weird or something you would find fascinating yourself. You do have to come up with a story though. Sports and nationalities… what does that bring to mind for you? I am thinking a young man in Africa, he has no way to escape the property trap and so he starts running. He has an old pair of shoes, not real running shoes, but he decides he will run in a marathon in the big city near him… what happens next?

Or alternative medicine. Why might someone use alternative medicine? What types of things? Faith healers. Aromatherapy. Hypnosis. Acupuncture. ear candling, blood letting, cupping, psychic surgery (using hands to carry out surgery without using instruments), breatharianism (food and water is not necessary.. you survive by breathing), urine therapy (you guessed it, drinking urine), rumpology (reading the lines, crinkles, folds of the rump). There is a website that details these and others….

Let your imagine run wild… rumpology? Surely there is a story there!!

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The Masai runners who entered the London Marathon wearing tire shoes to raise money for a water source, the first ever Afghanistan Olympic Medal. Good stories there.

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How about this?

The astraunauts have gone on stike. NASA has taken the commode out of the shuttle and given the astraunauts alternative pills, two days before liftoff, to make them constipated.

NASA officials were upset over the last flight into outerspace, when someone slipped them chili and their space suits were used as a big Depends adult diaper.

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Don’t worry about it sounding stupid.

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