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I'd like to counter an involuntary flash mob. How can I do it?

Asked by phaedryx (6118points) April 4th, 2011

I was sent this image recently:

Basically, a bunch of guys are going to show up for fake dates. The people who set it up are going to watch via webcam for a laugh.

I think it’s a mean prank and I’d like to do something to counter it.

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This is kinda off topic, but it suggests to use someone else’s facebook photos as your own. I think it’s slightly illegal to pass off someone else’s photographs as your own, isn’t it?

That is a horrible prank, but I really don’t know how to counter it. Gimme a while to think.

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A way to counter it is to get a number of women to meet at the same location ready to go up to men and say “if you’re here to meet a blind date, you’ve been pranked, but let’s go out and show them we’ll have fun.”

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@zenvelo great answer, I was just thinking the same thing. However, I’m married guy that doesn’t live anywhere close to NY.

Any female flutherites in the area that could implement the next step?

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I know of a couple of jellies who live in NY, but I’m not sure if they’d have the time or be inclined to put anything together.

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Damn, you should contact Improv Everywhere. Charlie Todd and his merry pranksters would probably do something to throw a spanner in the works with a quickness (and get themselves some free, positive publicity).

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Pump action shotgun….....anyone?

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Post it on Facebook and ask people to spread the counter attack far and wide.

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ahhh /b/ the things you do. Knowing the kind of malicious force they have on that site as far as people who really have nothing to fucking do but waste their time, they will more than likely trick a lot of guys into going there. I second the contacting of Improv everywhere though. It would be funny to see a prack epically fail against /b/ lol

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You might want to contact OkCupid, the dating site these real life trolls plan to use. It would be very bad publicity for them if this actually happened, since it would make normally trusting users start to doubt the authenticity of their potential dates.

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I can’t think of anything else great to do, besides what everyone else here is already suggesting- contacting the dating site, and getting the message out there to other women to make the prank fail.

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Seconding @aprilsimnel and @nikipedia; they had good ideas. It would be beautiful if we could turn this against the pranksters. Also: careful. When /b/ decides it hates something, bad things can happen.

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That image is from /b/.

It’s best to just ignore it. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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What is /b/?

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@bobbinhood /b/ is the “random” message board of, famous for having “forced anonymous” (which facilitates extreme crudeness).

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Point being, anytime you see something from /b/, it’s best to just ignore it. It’s pointless to try and crusade against them because one of two things will happen:

1. You’ll get fucked by them.

2. You’ll give them more publicity.

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